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Let me break it down for you, why it was non negotiable for them to introduce mirages of omega aka the limit breakers.

Their reason behind the scenes is : introduction of 6 STAR HEROES!

BEFORE THEY INTRODUCE 6* HEROES, they must first make a more even playing field. Since 5* cant always progress, from power creep standpoint (too big of a difference between 4* and 5*, they ‘’ gave us a year’’ for us to limit break 5* heroes, which would be a slightly worse in comparison to FIRST VERSIONS of 6* heroes…

AND the rat race for 6* heroes begins… or it will? :slight_smile:



Admittedly your team is far stronger than Mine (Rigard Magni Grimm Kiril Cyprian) But it was very noticeable the difference between Stage 4 and 5.
Stages 1-4 I didn’t have to use any Items. Stage 5 I had to use Dragon attacks, Super Mana Potions, revive scrolls and Super Health Potions as well as 75 Gems to finish it off.

Didnt help that I had a poor board full of Green / Gold tiles to start it off but all the same these challenges are a real resource thief to those of us who haven’t been in the game very long.


I can’t wait to see a portal with 6 star heroes with 0.03% chance of pulling when featured, and 0.005% of pulling when not!

And of course when you get lucky to pull one in your first two years you will pull the worst one!


They gave us just enough to be right at the edge of gratification but you just couldn’t get it. They know this game is gambling and they know the psychological behind gamblers. Soon you will be able to buy these limit breakers and they know we’ll want that last one! With five colors and only one of these quests per month we’ll be dying to get that last one and they play on that desire . It’s simply manipulation at its most greedy way. Zynga is only about generating more money. The improvements to improve the game doesn’t generate money so they don’t focus on providing a better product but only things that bring in more money. When beta testers are quitting and moderators you should know we’re heading in a bad direction. When the community’s voice is disregarded and beta’s voice isn’t heard you know they don’t give two shitz about us only our money


I feel you . I’ve been in the game 10 months or so and also had to pay 75 gems to beat it and my team is at 4320! If I was a real newbie I couldn’t imagine reaching level 5 or surely not beating it. If you start this game now your at a huge disadvantage! But they know we’ll be dying to get that last item and how long before you think that they’ll be sold?? Not long I should think. Five colors, one a month so they’ll be scarce enough to drive up our desire in order to break down and buy them

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Probably the most perfide thing Sg has done so far.

So that’s the first sentence why they introduce limit breakers, because there will be events were people with only S1 won’t be able to complete. So they introduced limit breakers, that those poor people will have a chance.
And than they locked it behind a 4800 TP requirement quest. WTF?
Please show me a S1 team (without costume that’s not really S1 for me) with 4800 TP.
I know it’s only an suggestion, most of the time you don’t need that TP, but that’s true for all events/Quests/stages, doesn’t change the fact that the quest to obtain items that should help poor S1 heroes only players complete hard Quests, is the hardest quest Sg released so far.
Sounds like a joke to me.


Limit Breakers arrive & first hero to be levelled up is Nordri by a player close by who plays at level 28.

LBs have many uses,
other than raid / war teams,
for all types of players across levels :smiley:

Good luck collecting them & share who was your first hero to be Limit-Broken !?


Well done. That was quick. Just waiting for WE for the last level. Just don’t want to use a flask.
Who did you take for the final level?

I gave you a like for your enthusiasm about limit breakers. That’s all.


I still haven’t finished the quest, but I will limit-break rare heroes first that I’m still using and are fully emblemed, for example C.Brienne, Nordri, Melia. Then I will level up epic heroes and I have no plans for “breaking” legendary heroes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your enthusiasm for liking my enthusiasm.

Personally feel, this forum needs more enthusiasm to enjoy the game with new creativity instead of fixed thinking of the past-styles, which many times becomes a Speed-Breaker… & this Limit-Breakers can be helpful to break-thru many of those Speed-Breakers :grinning:

Cheers !!


I was doing the hero chest, so used a flask to be done with it. Else, I believe in efficiency & rarely use a flask for anything other than Atlantis & Rare3 in challenge Events.

Took team of : Gazelle - Heimdall - LoLo - Glenda - Cobalt with battle items : Revive scrolls, Bombs, Antidotes, Small Mana

Lolo was mainly for copy-whacking the bosses, & bcoz, I could not take Frida due to the rule of no ailments cane given… (Unless I missed something)

Since green is reflected, Hemdall was useful but got killed once in last stage bcoz of my mistake of not over healing in the beginning…, so had to be revived, then I simply worked to charge & over-heal all team, it was easy - peasy.

Gullinbursti will be useful.



@Sorvina : That’s smart - practical & a personal style move to LB 3* & 4* heroes…
good to see you have a plan
not run to LB 5*s for defence !!

Cheers @dansing. Now completed. This is who I took to the final stage


Super, congrats !!

I remembered later that, Mitsuko would have sent all these fellows packing faster… Totally forgot :sweat_smile:

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Just when you think it couldn’t go any more down hill… I fell into a pit full of life sucking aether. Pvp is about become unbearable…


Something is telling me that on very next seasonal offers a Tier III break item is showing… how low! :sweat_smile:

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I try Mitsuko but it seems the reflect do not work well with synchronization status.

I tried using Lord Loki. On one of the bosses. System response : RESISTED! Did this happen to anyone else?

After that, I didn’t bother to use him again.

So I started out with a mono blue, but then realized it relied heavily on buffs and ailments so I took a different approach to avoid both. This teams been working out:

I have been short on time so I have two more levels left, but based on the difference it made in round 3 I am optimistic it’ll do the trick. :crossed_fingers: :+1:

As far as limit breakers I haven’t given them much though yet, so I will probably hoard them until the weekend when I have more time to ponder :thinking:.

Good luck out there!


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