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Aether quests ( Mirage of Omega )

Carpet bombing

Actually, you can do it with 4x Bomb attacks

Click for math

4x 300 damage Bomb attack = 1,200

5x 400 damage Dragon attack = 2,000

4x Harpoons divided by 2x Bosses = 2x 750 damage Harpoon per Boss = 1,500

Total = 4,700 damage

Battle items

Battle item Bosses Mobs Available
Harpoons 4x 1x 5x
Dragon attacks 5x 0x 5x
Bomb attacks 4x 1x 5x
Mana 25 % / 37.5 % potion 0x 10x 10x

Bosses= Save for bosses

Mobs= use on mobs, especially wave 4, to reach Bosses

Mana 25 % / 37.5 % potion= adds + 25 % mana ( before modifiers ) or + 37.5 % for purple heroes like Rigard

Purple Aether quest

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4x dead heroes

Boldtusk with HP 78 & a DOT 99 damage per turn

when I reached Bosses

But Carpet bombing finished the quest

Carpet Bombing Team 2021-11-21

Wilbur, and Rigard, were tied for MVP

Rigard for heal, and cleanse, at boosted mana generation

Wilbur to help deal with Elite sniper, defense down, mobs

Bonus, shared damage among enemies does not count as a status ailment

If Wilbur did not die before Bosses, the shared damage would have let me use +1 more harpoon ( 7x 1* ingredients ), and -1 less Bomb attack ( 1x 3*, 2x 2* ingredients )

With Wilbur’s shared damage

b.Boril = 1.25x 3= 3.75x shared damage / 5x heroes sharing damage = effectively 0.75x counter attack

c.Boril = 0.6x 5= 3.0x shared damage / 5x heroes sharing damage = effectively 0.60x counter attack


Rigard 4*+18
b+.Boril 4*+1
b+.Boldtusk 4*+18
( replace ? ) Tiburtus 4*+18
Wilbur 4*+1

b+= Base with costume bonus

Next time try

Rigard 4*+18
( change ? ) b+.Boril 4*+1
b+.Boldtusk 4*+18
( change ) Frida 5*+1
Wilbur 4*+1

b+= Base with costume bonus
c= Costume hero

Tiburtus has splash damage, boosted mana generation and normal damage steal HP but weak versus purple

Switch for

Frida was buffed attack since 2019 HotM family added, has target and nearby damage, and neutral damage versus purple

Costume Boril is sturdier than base Boril, maybe switch

Base Boldtusk has revive chance, and better damage buff, but costume Boldtusk has better healing. Might try depending on results of swapping out Tiburtus for Frida

Stage 5

Stage 5 was tough

Dual bosses with minion healing just sucks for Classic 4* / 5* hero teams

Especially with four waves of Elite sniper, defense down, mobs

Tried several teams of Classic, base heroes but no luck

Decided to Carpet bomb

Search Terms

Important since all colors under same forum topic

Terms Purple Aether, Dark Aether, Purple limit break, Dark limit break



I used mono dark on the early levels thinking that I would benefit from the buffs and how I’ve used mono blue against the blue enemies.
On the second to last stage I lost two heroes on wave one because I wasn’t really paying attention. Made me rethink my strategy.
Switched to a mostly holy team:
Gullinbursti - Freya - Uraeus - Joon - Wu
Took out the last two levels easily.


LB Colors

I made the same decision

I discovered

Red / Blue / Green limit breakers quests work with decent color matching mono teams because heroes do neutral damage to the enemies and mono does powerful color stacking

Yellow / Purple limit breakers quests need GOOD color matching mono teams, with lots of synergy ( looking at you Ranvir… NOT ) because heroes do weak damage to the enemies, advanced color stacking appears to have a soft cap ( see attempts to reverse engineer ), and mono allows 4x colors to charge mana for Elite mobs with practically zero damage


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I also tried some purple heroes (not full dark mono tho) and it did not go well, I lost to the final stage bosses. I switched to 3-2 green/red with Heimdall, Elizabeth, Francine, C.Marjana, and Atomos. Cake walk through the mob waves. As soon as I hit the boss wave both final bosses targeted Heimdall and wiped him out. Still managed to win without healing.

i think i’m in a minority of players who doesn’t like Bjorn, but plenty do, so i can’t say he’d be a bad LB idea.

Tyrum is a disappointment as one of the few 3* dispellers (cleanser for the costume side).

if Treevil is released as is from beta, maybe that one. i would also suggest Edd and Guardian Bat: Edd would benefit from a bit more damage as a fast sniper; Guardian Bat would get a scaling benefit from the attack up since he does more damage if more allies are dead.

i might also suggest Balthazar and C. Renfeld. especially in Rush Attack tournaments, C. Renfeld can catch some people by surprise.

@VeryQuietly , your excellent infographic may need to be updated to remove the term “elite enemies”, pending the outcome of this thread:

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We will see what will be the final conclusion of that topic.
Staff might add them to count as an elite enemy in the next build.


Worked really well for me on the first few levels, but I got absolutely massacred twice on the last stage with a mono purple crew of C. Rigard, Sartana, Zulag, Domitia, and Quintus. (Yeah, I know. My purples kinda suck.) Swapped over to my mono green squad, mainly for Heimdall, since the monsters seem to like to target the same hero with two consecutive specials a lot, and Heimdall could mitigate that with overheal/resurrection.

Team was Heimdall (overheal/res), Caedmon (dispell bosses’ stolen buffs), Lianna (damage), Kadilen (special skill def), and C. Melendor (heal/flip def down). True to form, Caedmon got taken out on the first wave, but I navigated the rest of the mirage with four heroes. Despite Heimdall firing several times, I wasn’t able to res Caedmon until the final boss barely had any HP showing. Let him do his special for the win, just because :fu: . Still required a few healing potions, antidotes, and time stops. Might have to look at carpet bombing with harpoons next time, per @Gryphonknight .


They should, but won’t help us today, sadly. Guess I’ll just go farm some low-level elites somewhere now that mirages is done and dusted. Not like I was gonna spend a ton of WE chasing stupid gnomes anyway.

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All Elite mobs

20 Path of Valor characters


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Figured there had to be a Valhalla stage with elite mobs, but was too lazy to go looking. Many thanks.


Speaking of them, I can’t chase gnomes if I don’t see them… :rofl:
Man…I only caught one and then I thought I killed him but he never left the screen like he turned into a ghost but not in ghost form…
Must be some kind of bug but I also think if the gnomes don’t appear, might be better to take them out of the game so that players don’t feel scammed.

That’s a known issue. There’s a post about it somewhere on here. Supposedly, the loot isn’t affected; it’s just a visual issue.


Blue LB quest

A very good friend of mine, highly recommends the following for my Blue Limit Breaker quest:

Frida 5*+1,
b.Magni 5*+1,
b.Rigard Lv75 4*+18,
b+.Boril 4*+1,
b.Vivica 5* 4.80

10x Mana 25%


All are very sturdy 5*, or Pseudo 5*, heroes

Rigard, and Vivica, help keep team alive ( especially Vivica defense buff )

Magni fast mana speed, defense buff on caster, and nearby

Frida dispels stolen buffs

By using base Boril between Rigard, and Vivica, we get an interesting counter attack

125% Rigard, Vivica
41.66 % Boril, Magni, Frida - shared damage
Total for team 375%

versus costume Boril
60% Rigard, Vivica
60% Boril, Magni, Frida - shared damage
Total for team 300%

Yeah, shared damage is weird

You can test this with Wilbur, or Gunnar, on Map stages

Click for shared damage and Wilbur


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Red LB quest

Team, LB Red, TP 3857,

Vivica b.5* 4.80,
Rigard b.4^85+18,
Boldtusk b^4*+18,
Wilbur 4*+01,
Anzogh 5* 3.70,

b.= base hero, no costume
b+= base hero with costume bonus
b^= base hero with maximum costume bonus
c+= costume and costume bonus
X^Y+Z= Rarity/ Stars X LB Level ^Y Class +Z example b.4^75+18

Click for notes

75 gem

Paid 75 gem continue on Wave 4 of 5 since my WE bar is only 45, not the 48 needed to get 2x attempts per WE flask on Stage 5

Carpet Bombing

Boldtusk c+4^75+18

Raised Boldtusk from c+4*+18 to c+4^75+18, base hero and costume

With 4* Lv06 Crit troop

798 Attack 1112 Defense 1542 HP

Raised Wilbur from 4*+1 to 4*+18 to help with next Red LB quest

See also

Click for notes

Replies by color

TBD Yellow

TBD Green



Tried mono red. Board was awfull, wanted to safe my items and lost Marjanna in the first mobwave. Struggled along with my remaining heroes and managed the final bosses with some caltrops to dispell the stolen attackup and counterattack.


I was able to beat the last lvl, although it wasnt easy.
I payed 75 gems to continue once.

I have used.

Boldstuk-Gormek-Kiril-Frank and Bertulf

Now it’s time to decide if LB Gormek and Boldtusk or it’s better to keep the aethers for Marjana or another future red.


Used this team & no battle item was used in any stage : was a walk thru in all stages…
(forgot to take the actual :fire: Mirages pic)

  • Gefjon was very useful in removing the one left out almost / half dead enemy & a big whack to each of the bosses!


Went with my mono team and thanks to the buffs and overheal from Garnet i was never in any real problems. Played all levels with the team showed below. Could have kept Marjana alive in the last stage but didn’t wanna wait for the ripostle to wear off :sweat_smile: think these ethers will go to my Zenobia. Only used 1 small mana potion.


Team used:

Only items used were some 250hp red pots incase slash attacks picked on Caedmon or Colen and a few antidotes for the burn.

As usual LotL was godmode.

Current red aether situation


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