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There’s Aether in the warloot after winning a war (and maybe also when losing? perhaps then 1 roll?)


Yup. Even got an Aether 3. None in the war chest though

If this is the drop rate, then it might not be as scarce as expected.

Of course it’s possible that the Fire quest will be the last in the sequence… Rofl


The problem is, which btw led to big discussions within my alliance this morning: Some got aether I / II or even III (incl. Ice!) from the war victory, but many of our members where left empty-handed by RNG. I think this items are too mighty to give it away this random. I fear a huge imbalance coming to the game…


I can confirm but I got only 1 aetheter


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I got 0 Aethers from Victory and 0 from the War Chest.

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That’s why it’s called RNG. It’s the same with AM. Some get them easily. Some can’t get.

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The loots from victory i guess it’s weird.
When you get low points on hitting the Wars, you got worse Loot. I think the Winning / Losing Loots supposed to be equal cause all Members did their job.

Lost the war - got nothing.

War chest - did not contain them (red book and chainmail were there though!)

Aiming for 1% in tournament. Can’t wait for 4 small yellows.


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Appears you can get three aether from a single war so I will be saving my aether for now until more is known.


fwiw, i got three aethers from war victory, but all level 1:


Has anyone gotten aethers from war defeat? Is it possible?

I got a defeat but no aethers :grin:

I win, get 1x Ice 3* Aether.

My friend of alliance get 2x Fire 3* Aether and 1x Fire 4* Aether.
EDIT: I do not get Aether from War chest though :sweat_smile:


Hi my question is what does this effect have on balancing heroes with these limit breakers does it mean a overhaul for all heroes and costumes as I see that you’re going to have a major issue for limit breakers for heroes as you’ll have no choice but to balance them all out and we have already had major issues with balancing heroes for example Telluria had great hitting power as I had her fully levelled up and ready for emblems but no emblems on her as we had to play with balancing but there were the guardians too with many more heroes which made them useless or not been used as much so if the limit breakers are not going to effect the balancing of heroes This may save members wanting to quit over limit breakers and this may go for many E&P gamers too as I have more than half in the alliance wanting to quit over this matter thank you

Aethers are now a part of this game. They are available from war win loot, raid tourney loot, war chest loot (I think) and monthly omega quests.

Someone just posted a limit broken Lepus in another thread. Others have posted limit broken Kirils, Grimm and Sonya. There will be more to come.

What comes next is for each player to decide:

  1. Continue as usual, try to LB as many heroes as they can. There will be Aether packs for sale soon enough. To spend or not to spend, and how much, is entirely up to the player.

  2. Reduce activity, go down one tier (say c2p to f2p) or move down to a lower level alliance… monitor the situation before making a firm decision. This is an option

  3. Decide firmly to go casual or move to lower tier Now. And then continue playing the game for player’s own reasons.

  4. Be aghast with this game’s new direction, exit soon enough.

Each player should decide for themselves.

It will be “chaotic” for awhile till a new equilibrium is reached. Probably a few months, a year (?), later. It’s hard to say right now.

As it is, the Devt Team is already global beta testing the hidden System support for Raid defence teams, as a solution to much stronger limit broken defence teams. How this pans out? Nobody knows at this stage.

I am sorry that I can’t give you a clear and definitive answer. It’s just not possible currently.


Im sorry if this has been posted before, but is it possible to LB costume without LBing the original hero?

Got me my first yellow aether’s from tourney loot…

No, not possible. Need to LB original then costume.

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A solution that will create a problem of must-having a defence team of limit broken heros - if you want to stay competitive. Reducing/canceling defense bonus will make things much easier, hence, you better have those war defences limit broken asap! :slight_smile:

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