[Master Discussion] - Magic Troops

I did a quick collage for my buddy. It helps to explain with greater ease.


Hey, I too feel the impact of these multiple new intros but I m not getting involved immediately & allowing it to happen, which reduced or negates the stress.

I am however irritated to using up my 50+ ETTs on Day-1 of PoV… as wasn’t expecting any new troops… which I could have easily saved for today !

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Probably this helps :slight_smile:


I was hoarding my troop tokens since like September, only to spend like 170 of them last month when I lost any hope of new troops added to the game…

And here we go a month after.

To say I am pissed is to say a little.


i feel the same and im in the same position as you. this is not improving the game, this is a another greedy action. if they would bring something like aethers for troops, they wouldn’t waste our precious feeders and food - yes, since I started to improve my troops, I am always in lack of food.

i started to hate this game lately with all this nerfs, greedy buffs and now this… sigh…


I had 26 ETT I was saving for the next Ninja Tower, so decided to start pulling for Wizard troops after a glance at the forum. Glad I glanced at the forum as I saw mention the troops were with v46.

After 14 pulls with no new Wizard troops, I stopped to check my game version. I was still on v45. The new portal was shown with the new troops featured, even though they weren’t available without an update.

I exited the game, went to the Google Play store, updated, re-started the game, saw a brief download while it was connecting, and checked to see it was now v46. It was.

With my 12 remaining pulls, I got a blue Wizard troop.

I’m disappointed the portal appeared in the game without an update being forced.

TL;DR - Check you game version number before you start using ETT or gems in an attempt to summon Wizard troops!


With these new troops, wouldn’t there be some new breakpoints for tiles needed to have full mana? I noticed that Fast speed needed Mana troop level 29 for the breakpoint. Based on comparison, you now need Magic Troop level 23. Wouldn’t be a lower level needed if one has the mana node from the talent tree?

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Well eff me, I wasted 50 EHTs! I’m on version 45. I’m so angry right now!

I’m on 45.1 and got new magic troops.


Just read the release notes, saw the claim about visibility and availability in 45.1, and now your confirmation that you got Wizard troops from 45.1. Looks like I jumped the gun based on my own experience.


Me too, based on your experience :rofl:
Guess it was just plain ol’ RNG.

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So I’ve been thinking about these magic troops… And be very afraid of them with Halloween heroes… And other Mana bonus families… You can drop up to 3 tiles off a slow hero and 2 tiles off a fast if done right.

Another spit on the face huh?

Used all my tokens last NT. Recently finished 23 rainbow mana. Have also started another set, majority of them are 8-9 level now. Maybe not much but still, a lot of resources spent.

More and more reasons to go f2p or quit altogether. Thanks SG for making it easy, too bad I haven’t realized it earlier.


Same crap here, also spend my 124 tokens last ninja event not knowing these magic troops were coming. didn’t bother to save the tokens again since i got enough ninja troops so just spend them since… to my surprise I noticed these magic troops… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I was saving troop tokens assuming trainer troops would show up in a portal.

67 ETT’s yielded 2x Magic troops and 2x Regular 4* troops (6%). Ick.


I had 71 tokens saved for Troop summoning.

This was the result:

  • 2 Dark Magic Troops
  • 1 Ice Magic Troops
  • 1 Holy Magic Troops
  • 3-4 other critical four star troops.

I had 61 ETTs. Walked away with only 1 dark Magic troop and 3 other normal 4*s. The rest were 3s.


11 ETT —-} 1 purple, 1 yellow, 1 red magic troop.


After extensive reading… and a lot of time looking at the chart @Guvnor made (thanks man)… I came to the conclusion that it is not worth it to summon Magic Troops.

The only level worth taking note is 11 (changes Very Fast to cast at 6 tiles) and 17 (changes Average mana heroes to cast in the same speed bracket as fast mana heroes at 9 tiles).

But looking at the whole uproar with regards to Magic Troops… it felt like I am missing something else about this Magic Troop.

Is there any other benefit apart from lvl 23 (mana troops) vs lvl 17 (magic troops) that I am missing?

If the only advantage of having Magic Troops is only the ability to cast Killhare together with Sartana using Magic Troops lvl 17… then I think I will just focus on my Mana Troops.


I came to the same conclusion. The ATK and DEF is worse and the mana boost of the Magic Troops doesn’t unlock any new breakpoints. The Magic troops just arrive faster at the desired mana boost.