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I would just do if if I had already converted 6 troops.

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If the hero you’ll assign the troop to is not affected by a drop to 11% mana the. Legendary troop conversions are no trainers for me. Otherwise I’m keeping level 23-29 troops for fast heroes that need 15% mana.

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Converted my first legendary troop. I’d been holding off for so long, and so it went insanely quickly with all the trainer troops I’d saved up

Purple wizard - no brainier - fits both current tank Nyx, and future tank Luna.


And also Toon Sartana if u’ll ever get one

Well, last Saturday I made the seventh conversion… You actually took a long time to decide :wink:

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I have still nothing to be compared :smiley:
And I have pulled 0 Legendary troops so far.

I do not even know what Legendary troop would be good for me :smiley:

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Now that Legos can be used in events and tourneys as well, looks best to start converting, if you still haven’t. They are far more superior to Epics. Even if you have only one maxed set.

I find it very unfair that we don’t have quest for farming coins for Legos. So the only possible way for none spenders is to convert their Epics, sadly. Years of work will be thrown away but Legoes make huge difference.


Troop matching your war tank might be a good start. Or your best current offensive hero, minion hero also benefits greatly from the 40% HP.


Me too… But I felt they would add a lot to the game, so I started converting… I was afraid that I would lose good 4* troops and have nothing to use in tournaments and events, so I was a bit hesitant…
I was supposed to make only one unit of each color, but it turned out that they can be used practically everywhere, so my problem disappeared :slight_smile:

Oh, I didn’t realise it was a contest :wink: congratulations for winning

Or perhaps more accurately, congratulations for caring more than me. I didn’t spend all this time doubting which to get, I simply didn’t care enough to get one.

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I didn’t think about it either… :open_mouth:
I gave the troops to Shark first, because it’s the 4* card I use most often :muscle:
Then I simply recruited troops for war defense heroes and that’s why I’ve only now collected a “rainbow” (I don’t use any blue in defense and I chose “anything” just to have it :crazy_face: ).

No, it was a game of discovering new possibilities… :wink:
And if you think too much and hesitate, it’s hard to make up for it without spending money on pulls…
I wrote how many I have just to make all undecided people realize how many troops they could already have, if they just converted them all the time…
This is not an achievement - just a statistic :slight_smile:

Now I wonder if they will allow 4* troops into 4* tournaments :thinking:
This would be a breakthrough in the game…

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At the start of this post it says Lego troops at level 19 will have 9% mana but I have a lvl 19 Lego troop & it’s still at 7% mana & a lvl 23 troop which is at 9% man so it happens somewhere between lvl 19 & 23. It’s the ranger/wiz leggo troop & my question is ‘are the mana levels different for each troop type or is it a typo? Ancient typo OFC but it’s there. Thx.

I doubt anyone would make that many typos… :slight_smile:
The tables clearly show that some get +9% at level 19 and others at level 20.

Strange tho ’eh. Thought it wud be a generic figure for all types. Which is why I asked the ?