🎖 [Master Discussion] Hero League – Log, Overview, Attacking, Matchmaking, Scoring and Rewards

Compared to the weekly tournaments, the League is much more forgiving on losses. Besides not getting knocked out on 4 losses, a W-L record of 115-53 (68.5%) with a DDBD defense was enough to rank in the top 0.5%. No way you can get that high in a tournament with similar results.

Offense Defense
W L Score Rank
ROUND 1 42 18 16-32 35755 33449
ROUND 2 22 14 10-21 58254 36773
ROUND 3 25 11 11-8 85920 5789
ROUND 4 26 10 15-30 110518 3934
115 53 68.45%

The matchmaking in the last round was lopsided with way too many 6000+ defenses, but that’s nothing new

<5600 5600 5700 5800 5900 6000+
W 1 2 5 3 5 10
L 3 3 4
Total 1 2 8 6 5 14

Edit : More stats for the geeks :nerd_face:
It’s not as if I was getting great scores either.
Average points per win = 656.3
Average points per loss = 153.3


I enjoyed hero league.

I finished with a score of 110k, good for a rank of 4,532. My Defense was never close to anything other than an E. I think I had a win rate around 10% across the rounds.

I faced a variety of defenses. I did see a good share of Ludwig tanks. If Wolf family gets a bonus, it’s going to be tough.

Variety on offense was less so because I used Mother North and Milena on every attack. I didn’t feel like defenses were taking advantage of the bonuses as much as I would have expected.

The only problem I have with Hero League is the lack of food. I can live without the iron and recruits. This can be solved two ways.
1 Separate flags. This is preferable, especially in combination with making it easier to fill the raid chest in one sitting. I’d even accept if this a max of one flag that recoups every hour (with a daily max of 6 (I chose something specifically restrictive to illistrate a net benefit)).
2 Add food as a reward for individual wins or as loot. Unfortunately it would have to be 30K or so for each hit. With 36 attacks a week and let’s just say an 80% win rate, it would be close to a million in food each week. That doesn’t even differentiate for players who hunt for more food or have a higher win rate.

I see the food as less likely. It’s too much for them to give away. Outside of the food, I’m happy with the rewards.


Thank you for the free emblems, trainers, and raid flasks!


Yep. Extra few rewards :smile:


Came here to say the same, thanks for the “thank you” stuff!


“Over 60m battles”. That some raiding lol

Beta testing live action :grin:

If we think there were one million players, that means the average person did 60 attacks. That theoretically should have been done in just round one.

I’m guessing there are so many low active players, that even doing a few attacks a day can get you to round 2 and maybe even round 3.

I got 10 emblems each as well. Anyone get more?


In relative terms, probably yes, because I did 0 attacks in the hero league and got the 5 trainer heroes and the 10x 10 emblems:

Feels like the jackpot :grinning:

After finishing the league, here are my thoughts:

  1. This is a long slog. 6 flags per day is enough. 10 flags per day too much.
  2. Loot is very poor. Relative to time and effort, the Weekly Tournament provides much better loot. For an event this long and with this much effort, loot needs to be much, much better.
  3. Matchmaking is very odd. I just could hardly ever win. That is weird because I do very well in the Weekly Tournament.
  4. Loot tiers too stingy. There should be more loot tiers with better loot. Participation loot should also be much better. I’m sick of events where only the top 10K or fewer players get good loot.
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Every victory should also be rewarded with food and iron just like regular raid, afterall it also use regular raid flag. I notice that I have iron shortage because one of my iron source (regular raid) got reduced as the flags are used for league. Separating the flag entirely (make the league attack no longer consume regular raid flag) is also an option.