🎖 [Master Discussion] Hero League – Log, Overview, Attacking, Matchmaking, Scoring and Rewards

99% of players wouldn’t play HL if this was the case :laughing:

Separate energy for HL would be better idea. Or make the rewards more commensurate with what you are giving up to achieve them from using raid energy


Sorry, I missed the sarcasm :rofl: So unlike me. It must be time for coffee number 2.

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Which is why the loot for HL must be 4 times worth of tourneys in that case


The loot for Hero League should be at least 4x as much as tourneys regardless. Probably more since it is one 4 week long commitment vs. four 1 week commitments. In either event, I dont see the benefit to making players choose between one or the other.

Hero League is a new feature. There is no good reason to take tourneys away from people that have been playing them all along. Why should I have to choose between them instead of playing both?


Flexibility I guess. You have the option to choose between a tourney that’s less taxing and lasts for a week or a league that’s more requires more commitment for a month. So you can pick and choose your preference.
I also think the HL should have even better loot than 4 weeks worth of tourneys in that case, or at least be more lenient in their loot system

And what you said pretty much sums up this entire HL, what is the point of this all when tourneys are a thing. HL could even be just new rules for tourneys and it doesn’t need to be it’s own separate event

We all knew the loot would be crap.
What devs could have done, as a nice move towards all the players that participated in a beta test and helped them develop a new feature for their game (yeah, i know, pure fantasy), is offer some “thank you” reward other than the crappy placeholders.
But we all also know that they don’t have much consideration of the players.

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I managed to stay top 1000. Too bad it’s only a “beta” loot :smile:

Full rewards


Congrats on #142. Thats impressive. Wish the rewards reflected as much


terrible part of game so far
168 attacks, lot of time used
even if is award x100 not worth it

this should be changed a lot, this rewards if is per attack not sure if will be enough,

not sure if will play next time, at least will not care about results to be honest

More interesting is the question, what is this event for? We already have raids and this in practice is a demotion (no rerolling or defense formation) . In my opinion is just a place for the ones that matter to the devs, the top 1 percent, to show off their latest toys. I will participate again only if they make this way shorter, (4 attacks or just a 3 day per week event), way better rewards, with proper event coins, and even then…

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Worst event ever, worst loot, most time usage, simply a crap of an idea.
Never again

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Loot is horrible. It’s just a little better than a weekly tournament.

I like the format, but when 90% of battles are Ludwig+4 it can get a little boring.

I enjoyed it. Different concept. Just very disappointed that after giving SG a months worth of data and finishing the 4th round I got loot worse than a mystic vision? I would have thought you’d at least get the week 1/2/3/4 loot combined for getting to the end.
There’s def some reworking that needs to happen to make this a players favorite

Found the same as a lot of people. Boards are different since the update- a lot less forgiving when Color stacking which doesn’t necessarily make it harder- just have to play and think differently


I’m seeing that as a super tournament and it will work if we have super loots
It’s nice being able to test different defenses. it’s nice that missing one attack does not penalize you that much (random puzzle less important)
I think it could work if loot is ok !

So i won 3/4 of these battles, probably more… And if i win ham from a raid flag at 20k per i would have gotten… 1.5ish million ham and whatever iron…

So why… Am i interested in doing this stupid league if i don’t get something that to me is worth 1.5 million in ham?


I went from Rank 12,200 and then down to 5,500 because of my C Defense.
Really awful loot, as we know, I hope it is improved a lot for the next one otherwise I am not participating again, the fact it lasts 4 weeks and such terrible rewards is not for me.

You’re actually losing rewards because League awards no food or iron. At least tourney has its own flags.


Agree that loot is really crappy. Spend 4 weeks of playing. Mostly enjoyable except getting ZERO if battle timed out.
Once I lost at the very last second,; battle over but defense team still going off. Took out my last hero that was hanging by a thread and scored 180 points. How is that worth more that battling for 15 minutes, have all heroes alive, the opponent final hero barely hanging on, get timed out and nothing (ZERO).

Anyway managed to get through to the fourth week, finish 94,482 and get a measly participation reward that was worse than watching a handful of Mystic Vision in a day! And no Rank Reward - reserved for only the top 10K, even if it was only a pittance, unless you were in the top few. It would be nice if the developers respected our time spent playing a lot more.


For sure the loot was garbage compared to the time invested. Loot needs to be increased across all tiers, and all tiers participated in should be granted rather than just the last one.


Completely agree. Everyone who participated should have gotten week 1 rewards at the end of week 1 and so on for 2-4 at the very least.
This was a long beta that we helped them with.
Hopefully they apply the feedback that’s been given to make this fun and worthwhile for everyone