🎖 [Master Discussion] Hero League – Log, Overview, Attacking, Matchmaking, Scoring and Rewards

Finished in the top 10K. Loot was horrible. I wont be participating again. Id rather the 3+ million food, iron, recruits from raiding. 20-30% of a pull that will give me ~1% chance of something good is stingy as heck for a monthlong tournament. Similar to most events, the rewards just aren’t worth it.

It would be nice if they kept portals open at least an hour after the Tower event and Hero League ended. Got enough coins from both for 1 whole pull (yay!) that could be months before I’m able to use.

Unless you’re top 10, I dont see the point. And thats ridiculous with over a million players. Its virtual goods. Wish they werent so cheap. I really want to play these events to give me something to do, but its just not worth it

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The rewards are RUBBISH, not even better than a normal Titan reward. Considering it takes so much time, the reward should be relatively much much better, or you can just cancel this unwelcome event now.


Finished higher than I thought I would, to be honest. Not sure how i crept into top 10k.

Rewards are a bit meh. I suppose we expected that.

Prefer 6 attacks over 10. Not really bothered if it uses raid energy or its own flags.

I will want to see better loot to take part again, no excuses. Id like to see more than the top 10k getting decent rewards to.


How was everyone’s time in Hero League? I got as far as I realistically could and then the update wiped me out. Hope everyone had fun!

Probably already been said, but they should give 15-20k ham for each win in future. A lot of ham lost for not a lot of loot. Overall enjoyed it


For future reference
My defense is horrible :frowning:



Dude, you scored with 3 sturdy shields lol. I got 1 battle manual as my ascension pull lol.

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3861 and pretty much straight D’s for my defense

Another one of those events which is just not worth the effort at all. Once and never again, reminds me of why I gave up on tourneys years ago. Imagine slogging for the entire month to get this…

Terrible boards, ludwig tanks are freaking everywhere, and apparently when Ludwig is the tank suddenly your board just doesn’t know how to fight him. Your defence would be lucky to even get a D rank at this point.

It’s a hot mess that only caters to the whales with the best heroes

It was fun but the time investment wasn’t worth it for these rewards. I think at least you should get a reward at the end of each round based on your ranking, not just at the very end.

Pretty happy with my result as a vctp player though! Just wish the payoff had been better. Probably won’t bother with it again unless the loot improves.


Don’t know how the rewards for tournaments were years ago, but I think that now tournaments have very good rewards. At least they are the good source of aethers. Fill your chest, don’t have to use any items or raid energy.

Just to let you know I had fun with this new event. But reward was damm to low compare to the time spent ! Got way more with tower of magic for instance.
Maybe you should consider adding a reward for those who are qualified after each week or just double the reward…

Also do note that during the Monday day off the information for bonuses on hero are the one from last week not the new starting week.



My score was almost the same as yours but my E defense dropped me out of top 10k. Lucky you. :cowboy_hat_face:

Totally agree ! Just compare tower & this new event reward !

Ranked 70k+ here with only the crappy loots from participation. Most prolly won’t be joining the next league. For a month long event, its too tideous and not worth the effort.

Tourney rewards aren’t great, but compared to hero league they are amazing. Don’t have to use your own raid energy, weeklong vs a month, and they reward top 1% as opposed to top 0.001%

The first place reward in hero league isn’t even that great. That amount of loot should go to everyone in top 10,000. (I’m sure SG can spare ONE pull in 3 different portals and 5 EHT/ETT to the top 1% of a 4 week tournament) And top 100,000 should get some kind of rank reward.

I can’t imagine placing 2nd and not even getting enough coins for one pull that will likely provide a 3* s1 hero anyway


Sturdy shields are not high on my list of needs, and giving 3 of them seems a bit weird. The total lack of 4* Ascension materials is poor, given that we had to do so many battles. Wouldnt it be cool if the game could assess what you have least of and give you some of that? Wishful thinking, I know.

The coin distribution seems a but weird too. Id rather they just gave me enough for a pull from a specific portal, rather than 25-30 coins from 3 different portals.

Anyway, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I didnt get lucky with the rng. For me (and many others here, it seems), the rewards dont match the effort and time committed.

To play this event again, Zynga will need to significantly improve the rewards or else I will be sticking to tournies and regular raiding.


I have an idea, what about combining both tournies and hero league together so they share the same energy. But the catch is, you can only choose to play only one of two modes, so if you play tournies, you can’t play HL, and vice versa. This also means HL drops to 5 flags per day to streamline with the tourney flags.

Yea mate, I was being a bit cheeky with that one. I don’t particularly need sturdy shields either, but worlds better than the 1 farmable battle manual I got in the same reward tier.

I don’t understand their coin distribution either. This goes for most events though. I could understand giving a fraction of a pull if these portals had like 10% odds for a 5*. But 30 coins toward a pull that only has a ~1% chance (and you cant even use them for a while) is baffling to say the least.


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