🎖 [Master Discussion] Hero League – Log, Overview, Attacking, Matchmaking, Scoring and Rewards

Obvious problem: if you don’t have the newer heroes from those families (or the costumes to older heroes, or even many older heroes), is it even worth trying?

The “have” vs “have not” chasm is wide and deep enough without The Very Latest Up to Date heroes getting a +40% boost to everything and an additional “25%” :wink: chance to resist everything.

Sooooo at least the “Beta” won’t be for net negative rewards this time, just essentially zero. (I mean, I certainly don’t see anything in the splash announcement indicating that the “placeholder” rewards are anything new or different than the why-bother unPrizes from last time; I suppose we’ll see, but I can’t imagine SG wouldn’t tout improved end-prizes if they were going to have them.)

Also I can’t say that the idea of 4/6/8/10 daily battles is enticing. Assuming one gets that far, that’s… a lot, given that while some PoV/PoG hoop-jumping may be accomplished incidentally by League battles, there will still be plenty of raid tasks that will likely need doing outside HL.

Why do a bunch of extra raiding — especially for players who are likely to get steamrolled not only by exponential power rush but by whopping family bonuses atop that, and for presumably still no significant prizes?

And more broadly… why is this still a “Global Beta”? I mean, other than “well, we can obviously run an event that will advertise the ‘need’ to get The Latest Heroes From Every Family without actually rewarding players for taking part?”

I’m not being sold by SG on why I should bother on what will be likely either a long slog or an embarassingly shorter slog, either way for little gain or fun.