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i don’t want to sound rude, but i really don’t know if this information is really true, because so far (as far as i have researched) it has not been confirmed by sg itself. I finished s5 and did all my summons…

I don’t think in the next round also to get to 100 summons, because there is no further season and thus for me not enough coins.

I would rather want to pull a specific hero from the next set…

My biggest fear right now is losing my progress :cry:


They keep saying that progress should be preserved and @PlayForFun even recommends making a screenshot before the new Fated summons, just in case something goes wrong. @CertainHeredity


It has, for a long time now. It’s on the official support page about Fated Summon.

The Fated Summon will be “restocked” every once in a while, and the list of obtainable Heroes may change when this happens. But don’t worry — your “counter” will not reset when the selection of Heroes changes.


Thanks @Dxter and @Elioty33


Love to give your post more likes :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:…it addressed me and possibly some more . This is a very good feature , didn’t even realize how many unsuccessful Summons I’ve been having until now !

Well I still hope some like Poseidon , Kage etc would be repeated in future …I mean soon , since my choices were prioritized based on available mats , blem and aethers ……that is just me!


My progress is the same. I’m waiting my bar at 100/100. I asked for the same question. They confirmed that our progress will not be reset. Because It’s written in the main explanation at the top. I will select from the next FS options.

Don’t worry man, our progress will not be reset. Make sure that you have a screenshot in case something goes wrong because of the technical problems.


I am on 100/100 since a few weeks. Since my roster is full and the next se months away I just decided to wait. Funnily this feature helps me to summon less because as one that pays sometimes for summons these heroes don’t really excite that much

Yes. I updated to v56 on Tuesday. When you go to the FS selection screen, the countdown shows under the list of heroes.

and what it say?.. that’s why I ask :sweat_smile:no new update still

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Sorry. Misunderstood your question. Mine says 20 days, 11 hours. That’s consistent with the April 6 refresh date that’s been going around.

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thank you a lot, wanted to know if is before or after that was on forum info

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For someone who is FTP it is still a big improvement over what you get.

Players complained about the odds in HA10 when introduced. I said at the time that on average I would get 2 new non-S1 heroes a year, which would double what I was averaging from pulls alone (at the time, six in three years). So a big improvement. And it has been. I expect about the same from Fated, an extra 2 per year, maybe 3.


Fated summon portal disappeared from my page!!! Is it normal as I had exhausted all available options from FS1?? Do my next summons will count?? I highly doubt as the counter also disappeared !! @Elioty33 can u pls help in to clarify :pray::pray:

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If you go up to these posts you can see a few comments on this, but this is the one thing no one seems to know for sure. My opinion is that once all are selected it doesn’t count anything beyond that…since the counter visual is actually removed


Actually, I think it will not count anymore if my interpretation of the support page is correct:

  • Redeeming all Heroes on the list will not automatically refresh or restock the Fated Summon. If you have already obtained all 20 Heroes, your “counter” will be frozen until the “next” Fated Summon is announced!

Either way, if you were able to summon all 20 heroes, I have no doubt you spend and summon enough to summon many heroes from the new FS and quickly. Just relax :smiling_face:


Yah, its a collector item @ this point

Thanks a lot…. I think I have made a blunder by using a EHT when I was at 99/100…. Last 100 summons simply wasted :frowning:

The counter disappear when you select the full list and it does not count anymore.

I had a complain regarding this because the original rule was ‘Redeeming all Heroes on the list will not automatically refresh or restock the Fated Summon. If you have already obtained all 20 Heroes, please wait for the “next” Fated Summon to be announced!’

They hadn’t talk about frozen the counter when the new feature was working.

Hi all
Can anybody clear this up for me, ive been told that once fated summons resets hero counter reset as well? Right now im at 100/100 and waiting for the reset of heroes. Can anyone confirm weather this true!

With kind regards