[Master Discussion] - Fated Summon

After picking the dupes that I would like to level up, I will pick fodder for SE. nothing is wasted.

You have 2 that you really want.

Balance 18 for SE if you have roster space.

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That’s what the S1 costumeless heroes and there for. As food for Charon in the SE

I don’t want to be suspicious of RNG or Fated Summon, but I have never got 4 legendary heroes that are not HoTMs from portals in one month ever before. Since FS has started I got C. Vanda, C. Leonidas, C. Domitia and Roc, but before 24th October the last 5* hero I got was Lepus in March.
I’m so glad that FS counter doesn’t reset every time you get a 5* hero! I can only hope that I have enough coins to do more than 100 summons. For now 4 summons were ignored (not complaining!)

Currently my counter shows 68/100, I won’t do many summons in December as I’m not interested in Balur, but I will use almost all of my remaining coins in January.

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Same! My last legendary was in August (Zenobia) but I stopped summoning when rumors of Fated summons started on the forum.
luckily (?) i was able to claim my Onatel with 6 Dune summons, so i will stop summoning in December to collect more for January and, with MissFortune’s help, i will claim Seshat too, before the reset.

I have not checked it recently, but now it seems the above link contains that the counter will not reset:



When you mention coins, do you mean EHTs? The Version 53 notes mentioned that Santa’s Challenge ends on December 31, so I think the Xmas portal closes too. I was disappointed to read that.

Does anyone know how often the fated summons changes

It will change every 6 months

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Ok thanks just wondering

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6 months may not be guaranteed


Huh… I guess I’ll get a few balur’s to trade in.

I meant all kind of coins - S2, S5, Contest of Elements, Tavern of Legends and so on.
I heard that Santa’s event will end in December, so those 3 EHTs that I will have I will use in December. :slight_smile:

Not sure if this has been answered, but when fated Summon list refresh, does our hero count bar resets too? Say that I am currently at 95/100 count, would my hero count bar reset down to 0/100? I am holding off the last 5 summons because I don’t have anymore heroes I want on the list, but if my bar gets reset to 0/100 before the next list comes out, might as well do another 5 pull and pick a random 5* for soul exchange.