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Hi, f2p here also. I have a hard time believing anyone who is strictly f2p has done 5 fated pulls since October. That is 500 summons, surely they’ve had to get some extra in there. Maybe they are c2p and purchase the valor pass or small deals. I just pulled my first one beg of January and am a very active player, 5 is just hard to believe imo


@elioty33 specifically identifies April 6 as the FS date in the Soul Exchange thread

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I’m C2P (Valor Pass sometimes and santa booster this year) and I stopped pulling when I heard of this feature. So I saved all of my EHT and used them on Morlovia (around 30) and did a x30 on Black Friday (planned anyway since spring/summer), I was able to claim Onatel at the beginning of December (obviously the rest of pulls were done win coins in other portals :laughing:); and I’m currently close (95/100) to claim Seshat, using some of the EHT of Santa Booster in Lunar year and finishing the event. (No 5* so far in this second round in any portal :upside_down_face:).

So, as every resource in the game, planning is essential and this forum helps A LOT with insights of future events/portals.


I’m cheap to play… Mostly pov and occasionally the $1/pull tower deals…

I pulled freya from fated… I’m at 84, so I’ll likely take Onatel. But i have roughian, so I’m waiting till February to start any pulls back up, but i saved gems, 7500+, keys, 207, s5 coins, 2400, and I’m not pulling in the legends this time, there’s 7. So… 500 maybe be a bunch, but if you have been saving a while… Definitely possible.

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Nope, the only way FTP can do a fated summon or multiple fated summons is that they saved or hoarded coins in anticipation of fated summon (with a very long foresight)…or they are someone like me who returned to the game in Sept 2022 and didn’t do all the seasons (hence had a lot of coins hoarded up lol)


what if you have the summon meter at 100/100 and the list of heroes refreshes? do you still have the free summon for the new list of heroes?

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Yes. The list can refresh but your meter will not. It’s in the FAQ.

@PlayForFun : move to main thread? Thank you

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You can’t compare f2p with c2p. I can’t plan more than I do now.

I play every event, seasonstage and quests. I also saved my EHTs for Morlovia (17).

I am not able to buy PoV, can’t buy any offer, don’t get any freebies (be it on the website or ingame). I don’t get jack #%@^ in Belgium.

PoV alone would give me an extra 9pulls + 600 gems each month.

So it’s not about planning. You are c2p. You have an advantage over me, who is (unwillingly) pure f2p.

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You are not alone, worry not. I´m still on the way to my first Fated Summon. :slight_smile: By the way…That name of yours…

For the Alliance or For the Horde?! :heart_eyes:

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Thnx :slight_smile:

Deathwing is more like: for my own! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Otherwise for the horde ofcourse! :smiling_imp:


Haha, good point!

Eh! For the Kaldorei! I guess we cannot agree on everything…



Hahhah… I have expected 6th of February. That ruined all my planning… it is pitty

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I am f2p and got my first hero from FS in December (31st yeah welcome to the team Ariel). Now I am at 18 again. I saved more than 25 summons for Morlovia, a douzen for Christmas, lots of Costume keys and s5 tokens were saved after reading about the new FS counter.
Got six EHTs since christmas, one from event, one from MV, the others from chests and titan loot.
Chaining 14* titans gives a few EHTs, three elemental chests every month gives one or two, the monthly challenge event gives 1-3, war chests and MT (1% best attack gives most times an EHT, 1% best damage often). Got one from W3K loot too. So I get something between 70 and 90 EHT every year…

Happy gaming


I stated my condition just to give you (and anybody interested) an example, without hiding the extra of the small purchase.

The suggestion stays valid still: planning is a must anyway and, according to your time in the day possibilities, try for any mystic vision you can. :blush:

I don’t think there is a race among players because at the end of the day, your heroes and how you use them are the only things that matter. And the fun in playing, of course.

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Sometimes we have to pic up heros that we don’t even need or we already have… Fated summons hero list shouldn’t contain season 1 non costume heros…
Just imagine if someone pulled s1 hero in regular gems summon insted of event or non s1 hero, why will they again claim s1 hero in return (fated summon list)…

Just totally remove s1 hero from that list and add some past event heros in that list u can shuffle past event hero list after ur set time of period…

Tbh i brough 13 heros(1300 summons) from this current fated summon list and only 3 heros i actually needed from that list and took dups of some other…


Can someone please tell if pool of heroes will be changed in the future? Thanks.

Somewhere in april no date confirmed yet


Thor or Poseidan? Already got Onatel. Mats no problem on any color.

Poseidon by a wide margin due to his mana defense IMO. I think most here would agree.


I do agree. Pos is useful… But… I don’t like Thor. So really… Not much of a decision.

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