[Master Discussion] - Fated Summon (Counter doesn’t reset on list change)

Maybe Zynga can do a lucky draw for costumes for heroes selected from FS. Pay 100 gems to join the lucky draw. Lucky draw closes when FS list refreshes.

Only 1 winner. Winning player gets to choose 1 free costume for any chosen FS hero (that comes with a costume). If FS hero comes with 2 costumes, Winning player only gets 1 of them. Not 2.


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But it says "costume Bonus " right on the pic you sent??? So IT SHOULD HAVE A COSTUME, right?

Costume Bonus => only indicates that stats include costume bonuses.

No costume.

I clicked that button in the red box. No more power up.

Skadi stats revert back to original.

If there is a costume included, you can preview both original and costume.

Look at the toggle button at the bottom. Red box.


It’s just more sloppy misleading manipulation by Zynga. If you click on Vivica in FS, her power is shown to be over 1100 which is insane but if you had both of her costumes maxed out then the double costume bonus would put you at that power but no FS heroes come with costumes and if you look at Razul or Vera who don’t have costumes, that little mask symbol won’t be there. It’s a lazy job on their part but you shouldn’t assume Zynga is gonna give you a hero and their costume for a mere 100 summons, maybe they’ll start doing that if they have a mega FS for just 1,000 summons… lol 20 new OP Heroes a month kinda tells me their gonna milk everyone for what they can and then focus on a new project and just let E@P run on a never changing schedule of tedious crap. They really screwed over their long time loyal players and took a hot squat on Anchor who made the game popular but RAID actually pays him so he’s pretty much gonna help the game kill itself

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I was just informed that they fixed it and you will not see the costume bonus on Fated Summons Heros

I just checked FS. Skadi stats, with power view on, still shows that lighted Costume icon.

They need to show thar costume icon as not levelled up. Not lighted up.

Not sure I follow… If you pick a hero and feed it away it doesn´t need roster space.
With the amount of pulls you do, you obviously have no use for most of these heroes and you also have more 5ers than you need for SE, so just pick up the junk and feed it away immediately. Where´s the problem?


People get stuff for free (in this case hero experience) but that’s not what they want so they still complain. People will always find reasons to complain and whine :roll_eyes:


With all due respect to this conversation… It also shows the heroes limit broken. Why aren’t tank complaining that you didn’t revive the aethers to limit break the heroes. I’m mean… Come on.


You must be married…

When does it refresh I’m stuck on choosing a classic or waiting and at 100. Haven’t gotten the ninja I want yet

If you will do more pulls anyway take classic 5*, they can be used in SE or as a feeders.

It will refresh at 6 April

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If you’ll do 100 more in the next 2 months, then grab a classic to feed to SE.

@PlayForFun to merge with the master topic.

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There is no official date. Players have made up reasons for believing it would come in Feb… and now April 6th seems popular. But there’s no reason to bank on that.

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Why not making the fated summons a little more versatile by swapping 5 heroes each month?
I think this way can be a great addition and can satisfy bigger spender and FTPs same way.

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@ll2000sr But if I want skadi and SG will swap skadi’s tier then what will I do :thinking: BTW I’m a FTP :face_holding_back_tears:


I see this in that way, that Soul Exchange is for big spenders as they always have many copies of S1 heroes or HotMs, while Fated Summon is for C2P or F2P. Let’s not change FS, just because some people took all 20 heroes and they are bored now.
I don’t complain about SE that it is too often, because I can’t collect 10 or more 5* heroes every 2-3 months, so let’s make it appear once a year.


If you have Vivica 2nd costume, yes, it’s better than Ariel.


There is so much confusion around this for whatever reason. I moderate on another platform and so many are reporting the wrong dates for FS and SE, or saying FS resets in February - it’s becoming confusing for a lot of people.

Just to confirm - Fated is 180 days, as of right now though to come some point in April -ish, and SE is 4x a year which puts us on schedule for February - yes? This is what I’ve read consistently on the forum, so I’m not sure where all the different info is coming from.