[Master Discussion] - Fated Summon (Counter doesn’t reset on list change)

Yes. As long as summon is in a portal with 5* heroes.

Gems. Yes.
EHT. Yes
Event Coins or Tokens. Yes

Daily Pull. No
Silver Token. No


I gave up trying for her aeons ago. She’s my first choice in FS. Followed by Ariel (have her costume).

After that …, :thinking:

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I’ve been playing for 5 years… I could still find a use for a freya, a onatel, and a second skadi. So… for you… it’s not amazing… but perhaps… don’t be so focused on your needs…


Even if it were just season 1… I wouldn’t hate it. I have gone hard in farming 5* for the soul exchange… so… 1 more 5* gets me closer to a tier 20 hero. Skadi… who is worth every hero I traded in for her… I can get literally for free… and that is amazing… so sign me up.


I love my skadi… but the only caveat I would give… is way too many of the current minion generating heroes are pumping out minions at 30% health… which she can’t do… or like hulda… with the def up… but… for other minions… she is gold.

With those minions i usually take another hit all and hope they dont die before skadi gets her shot.

I have grimble… I’m happy with him killing the hulda minions… but I tell you… I have the worst boards when I take grimble against her… it’s like she weaves some magic spell.


Thanks mate. This explanation is more simple to understand.

As other said, it would still be good, free food for SE at least. As a VC2P, I have been able to make only one 10-soul exchange so far.

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For me I still want to go with Freya first. I’m lacking on purple 5* and I have all ascension materials and emblems in stock.

After this it’s a tough decision:
Rata: good titan improvement as I already have tarlak
Ariel: a very handy blue 5* healer (have none)
Skadi: minion killer. I think this selfexplaining
Onatel: mana control here. I have a couple of yellows but they’re all meh. So probably she can get the darts.

But the second one depends a bit on what is showing up while summoning.

I will choose Tarlak first when I will able to fill up the meter to 100/100.

Ratatoskr can be the next, or Skadi :slight_smile:


I am eyeing Onatel & Ariel, then maybe Seshat if I make enough pulls. The others that I don’t have include Telluria and the S3 heroes other than Skadi and Freya


is it clarified, if we get 5* heroe, is it restored to 0 fated summon or is just not counted as pull in fated counter?

I really wonder how this counter will affect summoning habits in the future. It will be interesting to find out. I can’t help but take it into consideration at least - similar to Hotms, Soul Exchange and such.

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I think it’s just not counted. I’d be surprised if it reset the counter - I sure hope that’s not the case.

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It won’t be counted, as any 5* pull is not counted in the meter.

I can also confirm that it is just not counted based on my Beta testing.

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To be frank I think impact will be small.

Whales have plenty of dupes and none of these 20 will be particularly appealing to them. They probably also won’t even bother to count to 100, as they can easily accumulate 20 dupe HoTMs in 3 months to use for SE.

For CTP and FTP, you don’t do that many summons in any case so it is unlikely this new feature will impact you much either.


FINALLY, a Pity Counter. Finally, it was high enough on the priority list to happen! thank you SG.

it’s a bit silly that costumes aren’t included, but eh. I would happily snap up many of the HOTM/S2/s3, even without costumes

also, at least we get to choose whom we want!

Definitely helpful for those of us with limited rosters.


thanks for response :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

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