[Master Discussion] - Fated Summon (Counter doesn’t reset on list change)

I think Baldurs special should not be affected by Goblin’s passive after the first hit, right? It is DOT buff damage, not special skill if I am not mistaken? Obviously other special skills would trigger the passive, but minions and buff DOT should not? So… Baldur, maybe Celidana, minions, overheal would make a frustrating defense?

Btw I just understood how dirty and greedy those game developers or whoever arranges this stuff are… they gave us this crap list exactly because winter is coming, with Black Friday and Christmas heroes (but also Halloween, New Year, New Chinese Year and Valentines), when traditionally users spend much more money on summoning either way, so they don’t need FS to boost summoning habits and they won’t give away good heroes easily but keep them for the next (that is also why December HOTM traditionally suck). They just won’t give anything good away and they calculate every tiny bit of their maximized profit!

they just think we will spend money either way cause Morlovia, Black Friday and Christmass are coming… I got 3 heroes from the first fated and 4 from.the second… I ll be glad to boycott summons this semester!

I wonder if you used to boycott summons too before they introduced the Fated Summon pity counter about a year ago :thinking: or if you became like this after being spoiled with Fated Summon options fitting nicely with your roster :grimacing:


A small detail, but one I want to highlight.

Fated summons is now on a 168 day cycle or exactly 24 weeks. 24 weeks is about 5.5 months. So every 5.5 months, FS is refreshed with 5 more monthly hotms. So essentially, every FS, the relative age of the hotms offered slowly becomes older and older.

I’m concerned that not only is the first row obsolete, but now, so is the second row. I point this out explicitly, but this is something that I think most players ‘get’ without the explanation. If borderline players start looking elsewhere, I hope SG isn’t confused as to how this happened.


I actually started playing that game probably two or three months before the FS was introduced (and I wasn’t summoning almost at all). I’m just frustrated when I see super greedy mechanics like this! And even though I play only for one year and some months I can see that the game becomes more and more greedy very rapidly!

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I wonder if you used to boycott summons too before they introduced the Fated Summon pity counter about a year ago :thinking:or if you became like this after being spoiled with Fated Summon options fitting nicely with your roster :grimacing:

Say, you might want to edit your email address from your post!


Ive got Frida without fear because i still use Nordri for titans.

I have 75 summons from coins saving + 2600~ gems I’m accumulating via f2p means for costume chamber when at least most of Epics costumes are out. Not spending gems in ■■■■■■■■ portals like goblins or legends. Even costume chamber could sound like a wtf option, I’d rather pick costumed s1 epics than event 3*s.

That will grant me Frigg in some months. And probably that’s it.

Note that I’ll save epic summon tokens (16 and counting) to xmas portal. Absotely no rush here.

Best thing about FS is that feeling of being an adult and getting all the toys I wanted when I was a kid.

And the realisation they were only fun when I was a kid


Perfect description for when I’ve heard frida’s special skill and it came from my team for the first time

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Transformers are still fun!


I’m ok with FS. Is this list good overall?


But before we used to pull and get nothing. At least we can get two or three heroes every edition


I looked at the list based on who I did and didn’t have.

The good - Chance to get Frida, when I don’t have any blue EDD other than Nordri? Yay! Also being able to get Frigg and maybe Norns? Also good.

The bad? There are so many I don’t have in this list so since I doubt I can get them all, how/when will I ever be able to get them?


I am quite fine with the list. I will at most be able to make two picks, and the first will be Frida. Probably Norns for second (if I get there).

My blue team is going to be head and shoulders (knees and toes) above every other colour :rofl:

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This actually describes mobile phone games in general for me.

Also the realization, when many are nothing more than ad fodder


I really, REALLY wish the Fated Summons counter would keep going past 100 so I can make my choice(s) when ready and not have to just take someone who is gonna take up roster space for the next several months. There is no one here I would rush to level and by the time I get to them I may want someone else. (Also wish the list would change more frequently, every 4 months instead of 6 would be much better)

Rant over.

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