[Master Discussion] - Fated Summon (Counter doesn’t reset on list change)

One would think, among other things, that they are interested in seeing if this increases the amount/pace of summons.

I’m in the crowd that believe FS is in response to gambling game bans. If just one person exhausts the FS list and doesn’t have an option to pick for their next 100, does that cause a problem. I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer. Who knows maybe FS is a “present” from sgg. Kinda like Presents from Rudolph (the presents you have to buy).

I figured one solution to high spenders exhausting the list quickly is to make the list quasi evergreen. I believe that sgg has put thought into FS, they just need the actual metrics of it being “live” to determine the future course.


I believe the same, you are not alone :wink:
And that make total sense that they are certainly gauging it with live metrics.


I agree with y’all… But why couldn’t they have made it so 100 pulls you get a legendary token to use at your leisure for a s1 5*…

They really could have made it so much worse… But still meet the minimum threshold.

I have a question about event rotations and when we can expect them to arrive again.
I know that Tavern and Costumes are one group of events and they appear every 4 weeks alternately.
How about W3K, CoK, Towers and Mythic Titans?

They are in rotation with each other.
What is rotation of those ?
Since Staff have repeated Styx Tower right of CoK we have not idea.
Styx → CoK → Styx → Ninja Tower → Styx → Tower of Magic →

It is in 4 weeks alternative rotation with Mythic Titans.



If this is correct:
Styx → CoK → Styx → Ninja Tower → Styx → Tower of Magic →
16.11 - Styx
14.12 - CoK
11.01 - Styx
8.02 - Ninja
but we’re not sure if in January we’ll have Styx or Ninja or Magic… I got Morax this month, but I think I won’t risk it and I will do summons this month. It’s all for you, Freya!

If W3K rotates with Mythic Titan, we’ll have another W3K in January, so I can wait.

Thank you!

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Either they made a mistake in this announcement or changed it afterwards, but from what I see Valhalla and Season V are in same week and ToL/Masquerade go with the Challenge Event and not the other way round.

Yes, they are now in the same week (in Novemver too).
(As I recall this was changed 1-2 months ago)

But they said this too:

So they can alter it whoever they want :slight_smile:

Ps: In my earlier quote I just wanted to show which events are in rotation with each other.

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F2P is not the target market

For this feature neither whales are a target.

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@Homaclese @The_Seeker @Pompitous @Predatorhunter @Sorvina @PlayForFun @2puttshaqur @Chadmo @Tidyup
Need some help deciding which hero to select…

I am thinking Onatel or Grazul

I dont have any status ailment blocker so Grazul fills a gap here.

Onatel’s mana stealing is still relevent especially against these slow heavy nukers. She will also pair nicely with Mist.

I already have Seshat so both will add to the 2019 family bonus.

Yeah, that’s a missed opportunity.
Imagine if you could get a special, super duper hero if you collect all the heroes from the fated summon withing a day of its opening. Or half a day. Or an hour.
Or two heroes, one when you collect half of them within an hour, the other when you clear the rest in next 2 hours. So many ways you can do this.

Hi @TTT !
Could you show us your roster? Maybe there is a gap to fill in!

Grazul is a very good hero. Ailment blocker is a HUGE skill and I used her all the time. Then I got C Vanda and she added an extra turn of blocking. If you need that skill, she’s a keeper. Just know she won’t always be relevant where I think Onatel will be.


I have them both.
I use Onatel much more than Grazul.

Mostly because…
She is so fun to play with!
Onatel adds some gameplay depth,
And is very sturdy.

Whereas Grazul, while useful…
Makes me sleepy.
Solutions for ailments are wildly abundant.

Mana control on the other hand…
Is stylish and effective


Onatel I guess. Grazul is not really needed if you have other ailment blockers


I dont have much experience with either hero except killing them in raids. My onatel is still 1.1 but i hear alot of good things about her here.
It really boils down to who would best fit your roster needs.

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I’m taking Grazul…

But that’s only because I already have (and love) Onatel. Not sure I’ve ever seen anybody say they have her, have used her, and was disappointed.


I took Onatel for my 1st fated summon. She was going to be the next one to be levelled and ascended, but C Leo was pulled just before and takes priority.

My next fated summon pick will probably be Ariel since I haven’t pulled her in years of trying.