[Master Discussion] Black Friday Summon Event 2023 - FAQ, Discussion, Offers, Summons Results

good luck!.. not close to do x30 instead?

i feel it is better to do 30 personally.
for me in BF and SS are the ones i use gems on (30 or nothing)

No, I am just above 6k gems.

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I might do a ten pull for prosperity, but, my issue is that I am generally hunting specific heroes so anything I get will likely be a feeder, or not someone that I am aiming for.

That being said though, I wish all of those who do pull the best of luck and that you get something that will add value to your roster! :heart_eyes:


I have mixed feelings about this. Last year I was overjoyed with the portal and eventually got Jove, who finally broke me into the diamond league permanently. He got me so excited about the game that now I’m pretty close to a 6k defense and can field 6 fully leveled, limit broken and emblemed 5k+ teams for alliance war attacks. This year I’ll almost certainly get only dupes or something too weak to level up, so I’ll only do a single 30 pull and hope for the best. There are still a lot of heroes I would like to have, most notably Aramis, Bobo, Quintin, Hathor, Phenexa, Ludwig and Hammertusk.

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I’m looking to make just a 30 pulls. Luckily it would be enough to get Aqualith and the HOTM

I have some heroes that are waiting for 4* mats to get to the last ascension level

But I wish good luck to everyone

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Lucy, Ulius and Vaishali are listed as Styx Tower heroes

what a nice wish :slight_smile: and right back at ya, wishing you good summons hunting!


Thx, and Jett too.

I have fixed these.

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I feel this one has its appeal for the chance of giving something special. Otherwise hero specific portals for one with an advanced roster are wiser areas of summoning…


Ive been waiting patiently for this summons portal. Im hoping to do 150 summons. I can’t wait!!!

Have enough gems to do one 10 pull and that’s all I’ll do. My expectations are severely low. I’m hoping at least for an epic so I don’t have to rely on my tc20 or waste a slot in my HA to finish that PoG

I’ve done my black friday summons… got zero 5*… though I guess the question is… is zero divided by zero… one… zero? Infinite zero.


Did a 30x pull and snatched Darkfeather. I mean, obviously yay, but I’ve ascended Deadboot already (which I was extremely lucky to pull, along with Smarttongue, on a 10x the first time Goblin even was live).
I don’t know if I’m done or no. Haven’t decided yet.



I got 2 new: 3* Morganite, and Cillian.
Everything else rubbish… candy, whacker, Mnesseus.


Without being pissy… I hate this thread in advance. People will post their pulls… good and bad… but the ratio of good pulls will outweigh the absolute crap pulls… thereby making me want to pull… seems so easy to get 5 good new 5*… nope… must adhere to reality.


@PlayForFun i dont see a thread for Morganite. Am i blind or does it not exist? Hes not on heroplan.io either


did 30 pulls for the first time. got zero 5*, no HotM. got few new 4* and some 3*. that’s it. really have no luck at all. Good luck to you guys.


@PlayForFun I found Tametomo was released in this portal

He’s new, never released before. Tametomo is the same case.

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pulled 22, first time using gems in a long while, and what a load of bs. 3* heroes only, with two 4* to kick, that was not what I was hoping. Sometimes this game is so infuriating… Not always 5* I get that, just went through a 600 pull drought of not getting anything new, but only 3* from a portal is just baffling when pulling ten at a time!