[Master Discussion] Black Friday Summon Event 2023 - FAQ, Discussion, Offers, Summons Results

Altleast you got fodder for Farrah, could have been worse


Fair enough lol, I guess that is the one upside

I think that this portal is more interesting for those that don’t have so much 3* and 4* since you can get a batch of some useful heroes

I remember pulling my first G Falcon and G Jackal in aBlack Friday portal without S1 heroes (the wasn’t CF1 yet)


Do you guys think Christine from the Opera is better than either of these heroes?

Does anyone know what is in the E&P store special chest when you get the required 450 gems in it? just curious what kind of pee on our back and call it rain type “gift” is in there

Check out @BlackZed helpful write up on what to expect on the gem chest:

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Bought gems for higher chance to get 5* . Just puled 10x heros for black friday and got 7x3* and 3x4* heros. What was I thinking, playing this game for about 10 years and never different, just next BS!


I opened 70 summons and take only Gregorian. Beta take over 120 euros for nothing.must delete game. Last over 200 summon and take only Gregorian neither hotm

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My humble 3 single pulls with some leftover diamonds. If nothing super tempting comes up, I’ll be happy having gained a valuable hero with no extra spendings.


The only ever time I’ve spent again outside of VIP and Paths. I was really hoping for the new Astral heroes, but what was I really thinking expecting those or Tametomo? I suppose Charon is the only ‘good’ takeaway from here, perchance.


Two 10-pulls have netted me Emilio, Celimene, and another Neema. Beat the odds, completed my bard collection, and two dupes. Not awful at all. Congratulations to the lucky, my sympathy to those with no shiny new heroes, and good luck to those still to pull! :sunny:


My 10x pull gave me D’Andre (4*) and 3* for the rest. Not even Neema. Last year was a little better :cry:

Was hoping for Ludwig, Thunderclap or Charon on my 10x pull. I Got Morris​:grin::hugs:

Lol well I’m only happy because he was also accompanied by Cel and Jana, both from there musked gods family. I’m over the moon



Did a ten-pull and got Chomper and Neema. Really torn as to which to prioritize.

Anybody know if there’ll be a roster expansion offer in these Black Friday days? Mine’s getting quite tight, with only 16 free spaces…


My 50 pulls got me nothing only 3 and four stars most are dupes the last few portals been like this one garbage


Riddle = Which hero got the last soul exchange?


Sparklight was pleasant suprise.

Still no 5* red healer though.


I took her too… Don’t guess she’s worth leveling twice, unfortunately.

Cel is such a pain. Congrats on that pull!


I did 2x 10 pulls and got all 3* …that is why I am strictly a single pull gal… last try for new Astral blue 5* gave this:

Two HotM in row …I had to try