[Master Discussion] Black Friday Summon Event 2021 - FAQ, Discussion, Offers, Summons Results

Every other commerce knows on Black Friday you can offer something at a huge discount in order to attract customers and have them shop for other things. No reason SG can’t offer something at a huge discount in anticipation others will come to the game and purchase other deals once invested


Cyber Monday has historically been the online equivalent. Unfortunately all the folks who demand free stuff or feed into the Capitalist society want Black Friday to be the same.


Here’s a quick comparison between Black Friday and Cyber Monday week offers. If the Cyber Week deal is up again I plan to do that again. Cyber monday tier 4 I’ve done in the past also but below my spend threshold currently.

As c2p (only buy the PoVs) I would spend $10 for a 10x pull. They could offer that once a year and make a killing

I’m used to saving my gems until I want a featured hero to improve chances. So what is this “hey, two awesome new characters that you’re almost guaranteed not to get!”…is this something to expect? I hope featured heroes in Valhalla don’t end up like that too! :thinking:


I think this one is different just because they are “preview” heroes. So they got odds like Myztero. They are still the most likely five stars to pull, so still featured compared to the others. I don’t think we’ll see this elsewhere.

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You have odds like Myztero but they are infinitely superior to him! Unless SG will decide to give him the improvement he deserves. As he is, he remains an almost useless hero.

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Considering there are 170 non featured legendaries, the chance of pulling any specific of them is ~ 0.0135%, so you’re 15 times less likely to pull a specific non-featured hero as opposed to a gargoyle. It’s not about the odds of pulling a featured hero, it’s about how dilluted the pool of available heroes is in this portal. If you’re planning to pull from this portal you know the odds, so what’s exactly this thread about? This portal is only a preview of gargoyles. If you wanted them specifically you should wait for their respective event.


I’ve watched over a thousand BF pulls on YouTube so far and have seen two only. That seems to equal more or less the stated odds of 0.2%. The number of duplicate heroes I could pull are frightening. No S1? They’d still be food for the most part.

And this is why it’s called a garbage pull! :laughing:

The summoning portal is a terrible deal. We don’t need more summons! We need ascension items! Still, I was stupid enough to do 20 summons in the desperate hope that my chests would contain ascension mats. After all, I saw the screenshot of someone in my alliance with THREE 4* items in one chest and Lion Roar gaming’s video where EVERY one of his chests contained a 4* item.

Of course, my chests contained 4x food bundles and about 80 emblems total.

So I was screwed with RNG and ripped off, as usual.

Then today, I was hoping to see some deals where they were at least selling ascension mats.

Nope, wrong again of course. Nothing but the same lousy $99 deal that comes along once every a few weeks, with 3000 bonus gems tacked on, and some lousy cheaper deals with 3* items that everyone gets at least 10x a month from regular drops. No 4* ascension items, no respect for their customers, no actual real deal that you can’t get somewhere else.

The trainer troops were a total joke too. Barely more XP than a feeder hero. And oh wow, three free trainer troops! So much customer appreciation! THREE feeders! /sarcasm

I’m so frustrated and disappointed in this game now.


On Saturday there are usually some offers. Like Boril’s offer mentioned by @Cerevan_the_Omni (that is probably among the best, btw when it was for last time?) Chun-Li Vivica’s tiered offer etc. But there may be also just that crappy offer that gives you 3* AM and some crap for 500 gems. Though that one was last weekend IIRC (but the memory is really hazy, so don’t take my word on this one) so it shouldn’t be this one.

Anyhow I agree with everybody else, the 500 gems for $3 were comparatively better than this. This is not Black Friday, this is scam. Regular CE offer is much better than this, especially since in gives challenge coins that will be probably usable during Festival. Though it seems that SGG’s new strategy is have great portal with terrible offers so it costs still the same to get good hero, just the distribution of costs is different, so I wonder if CE coins will be really usable during festival …


EDIT: I did 150 pulls all up across two accounts and got 5 event legendaries - Gaillard, Lord Loki, Miki, Charissa and Senan (the latter three on my main). That’s 1 in every 30 pulls so manage to beat the odds this time.

Also got about 5 or 6 Balbars which were food!


Did a 30 pull and netted Boss Wolf and Faline.
(We all know who the real boss is of this pair)

Then did one 10 pull and got Frida.

All 3 are new so very :star_struck: to say the least.

Chest loots were the disappointment though.
No 4* mats and mostly food/iron bundles.


I don’t understand why people complain about the BF offers, as if they expected something else.
This is black week for SG only, they release super portal that everyone wants to pull in, so they give out expensive gem offers… Pretty logical business move.

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Not a smart plan for longevity standpoint :slight_smile:


Did another 3 10-pulls and got this two guys. I think I‘m done now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :+1:


Mmm, actually, for gems alone, these deals are top tier in the game. I don’t think any other offer in the game gives you this many gems at the same price tag. It’s usually 500, 3000, 11000 respectively for the price tag. Problem with these is everything else that comes with it; nothing ‘wow’ there. Like the mid one is usually 3000 gems + 10 summons at event portal. Here is 3600 gems and emblems for 1 node… You can find better deals as for the side stuff offered.

Still, just for gems alone, these are really a bargain (not that I like them, just giving credit to facts)


I hope this black friday portal is a success. and from here the challenge event portal, s2, s3, s4. no more heroes from s1

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Yeah but gems to $ ratio is terrible. S4 alt. 1 day offer has 600 gems for $3, CE has 200 gems per $1, Atlantis and Valhalla have 400 gems and 25 coins for $2. I think I’ll buy Teltoc offers and save the cost for festival, that will be more cost-efficient.


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