[Master Discussion] Black Friday Summon Event 2021 - FAQ, Discussion, Offers, Summons Results

I was soo looking to spend and all need is gone :slight_smile: thanks SG

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I also wanted to invest some money in gem buys, but those offers are seriously a joke lol

If they don’t want my money I can’t help :joy::joy:


When the only offer you buy during Black Friday is Challenge Event day 1 just because it comes out during Black Friday and it’s cheaper than Black Friday offer itself.


So they really have guts to put up a quite tempting summon portal, and then ensure that there is no sane way for people to buy gems for that. Disgusting. (Should have foreseen this and hoarded gems for couple of months instead of spending them earlier…)


I think I will end up buying the cyber Monday VIP pass only… At least that one is a good deal in terms of gem value.

This is last year’s Black Friday offer. Present middle one is slightly better, is USD price the same as last year?

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Did a 10 pull this morning and got penolite, i’m very happy


Hello everyone, summoning from 30 and finally I have brought home something excellent as Director Zuri and Bobo. Do you know if there will be other offers before the end of this portal?


No I don’t think so, this offers ends at the same time as portal closes.

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Looks like these are the last offers before the end of the portal as the time for them is the same as for the portal.
I’m a bit disappointed with these ones, they are not very good.


Yup, the offers being copy paste from bad last years offers is bad… Was expecting something new.

Still, this year I could really use the trainers as I am working on few legendary heroes in their advanced stage, so bought out the cheap offers. Not only got few dozens of levels but also the portal gave me Victor.

At first I was disappointed that this is Victor without the costume, but then I realized I can use the costume I already have on multiple Victors… so it’s pretty much a C Victor for me. And C Victor is one of few dupes that’s actually decent to have thanks to them stacking DoT immediately. Maybe he’ll see Tabards some day. Unfortunately got few decent purples recently (Quartz and Xnolphod) so the queue got longer.


Urgh… Bad run of RNG continues. 120 pulls (4x 30-pulls), netted me only Hannah (new!), Miki (dupe), and Russell (dupe), and another Balbar. Awful chest rewards as well, with a succession of chests without any ascension materials at all, and barely any aethers as well. One chest was just full of food bundles.

I lack so many 5*s (almost all the Event heroes, all the Ninjas and Alliance Quest heroes, many of Season 3 and Season 4 heroes), I only managed to get Hannah who is new to me. Very disheartening for me, but it is my own poor poor luck, but frustrating enough to want to stop playing E&P for a long time.

Otherwise, I think this portal is the best portal for summoning now, and renders all the other portals quite pointless. Even though the odds for a specific hero is low, for players without many non-Season 1 heroes in the first place, the chances of drawing any new and good hero (especially the 4* ones) is much higher here. If VC2P or F2P must summon, it would probably be a good goal to save gems to pull here in future (assuming this Black Friday Portal is still around next years, and beyond).

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Very dissatisfied with those offers. Nothing can ever be perfect right. The portal is awesome but those offers will block me from summoning. Teltoc offers are better almost.

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Just when you think, they can get it right, they screw with offers.

I am sure if they made offers like one I made bellow, many more would grab them :

smallest offer : 3,5 eur = 600 gems (comparable to 1. day underwild) 5 in stock
medium offer : 21 eur = 3000 gems 2 EHT (comparable to Boril offer) 3 in stock // Boril one has 4* ring
Big offer : 100 eur = 15.000 gems 5 eht + 1 of each 4* mats (best offer but it should be for BLACK FRIDAY once a year / 2 in stock

PLEASE LIKE so they offer these ones as well to this :slight_smile:


Was tempted by this portal and decided to wait and see what the offers were today. Thanks to those Im not tempted anymore so no pulls for me at this portal.


24,000 gems and not a 5 bad portal hero.
But yes, it is true. Silly me !!!

Same here offers are big joke, the cheap one they sell trainers like what? Give me something to lvl up then I might need trainers but not other way around, same issue with emblems for non existing heroes last one don’t even need a comment is too big for my spendings…

I was looking to buy some but can’t…


These BF deals are terrible. First, pushing yet another summoning portal and gem “deals” that aren’t even better than most normal offers. Now, yet more gems with a handful of minor ascension mats and gems sprinkled in.

Where are the real “wow” deals with actual ascension mats and true bargains? All I’m seeing is pushing gems and summons. Really sad. Most companies show their appreciation for customers… I’m seeing nothing even remotely interesting in these “deals.” So disappointing.


Bargains of ascension mats or emblems would be nice, yes. Bargains of gems would be also very very nice, as the summon portal is quite tempting indeed.

What’s not nice is expensive bundles containing gems and either total crap (trainer heroes, just to say “no, we are not selling you gems this black Friday!”) or other stuff with just bad value. I mean, who would not be in need of more emblems? But who on the Earth pays 45€ to emblem a single hero (or actually to emblem 1/10th of ten heroes…)?


You realize that the game is pay to play when you wish that there were good deals instead of free pulls…dang guys what a pity this game is


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