🏆 [MASTER] Covenant of Champions - FAQs, Team Discussion, Portal Stats & Summons!

I did 87 pulls and got HotM twice and Mok-Arr. Feeling like this game is Moking me, Arr! Previous covenant yielded similar results except without any 5* whatsoever. Starting to get irritated and hoping Legendary Troop Portal, Costume portal and Opera will make it up to me.


Did about 70 (I think). Zero 5*. Not even Hottie.
Chest yielded solo Tome.
All those feeders went to Fizz. He cackled gleefully as I kept feeding him.


So yesterday did 10 pulls in Covenant and nothing. Today it was 21. Of course I got Zappa twice. Thank God I got also other of featured ones:

That one is pain in the end of back to fight so he’s going straight to max. But still, the feeling that at least one Zappa could be Shaal or Desmond saddens me a bit.


Any word on the next Covenant Quest? With the last one being in December I would have thought we would have had one in February with the every two month cadence… :frowning:

You probably missed my event predictions :grimacing:


Another day, another Shacklebolt, this time from 11 pulls

I certainly welcome dupe Shackle over dupe Zappa. But please, game, new hero would be better. Where is Desmond or Shaal?


@Nightmare2048 I feel ya, after the two dupe Zappas I gave it another shot and who do I pull…dupe Shaal (when I would have loved any of the other 4) :sweat_smile:

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Feel ya. In my case at least first Shackle was new and I can imagine running two, but have not enough tabards (or Damasci for that matter).

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Slightly 100 pulls so far, and only a dupe Captain Kestrel and a dupe HotM. No featured heroes (I am missing 4 of them) at all! Will pull maybe 20 more later, hopefully, I get something!

Good luck! I gave up after trying 23 pulls. I am bored of feeding dupes away.

I only tried to do more pulling because I wanted shacklebolt, but ended up with a dupe shaal. I knew I wouldn’t be getting anything new, such a sucker for punishment

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I did another 30 pulls, and got Desmond, new to me, and my very first Super Elemental Hero! Not the one I want (Nautica or the Cardinal would be more welcome), but I am not unhappy either.

OK, I accept that my own luck is always :poop:, so I am happy with whatever I can get, and know my own budgetary limits very well. (I am not a whale, but spending some money does get me a wider variety of heroes so that I can enjoy the game more. I don’t have to compete, but it is a lot more fun when you have more heroes to choose from whether fighting other heroes in PvP or playing the map.)

I would be, of course, much happier pulling, say, Desmond, early on, within the first 30 pulls, then call it a day, and save my budget for other months. But oh well. It’s the Lunisolar New Year anyway and I am in a celebratory mood, so I am a bit more inclined to indulge in the gaccha game.


Same, I am spending more which I am ashamed of. Will have to hope my angpow money could cover back my expenses for this month

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Too bad he’s a dupe… with roster space right, and the number of mana controllers I already have, I don’t think I’ll keep him


I am tired of spending money. Currently bidding for something online. Threw in a “high” number. If that doesn’t clinch the auction for me, on to the next item. :joy::rofl:

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Done. Only one I had to repeat was the level with Goseck, who hits insanely hard …

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I’m currently stuck on the last level, has anyone some tips on what heores to use or what abilitys I should go for?
I’m guessing fast heores, maybe two healers? Most of my best heroes are slow unfortuenatly.
These are my choices. Starting with the strongest hero.

I personally did 1x Purple, 2x Green, 2x Yellow and was able to do it first try. In fact I did all stages first try, which is always nice.

Sometimes it can simply be having to just keep trying to get the “right” starting board.

I used:
Darkfeather / Smarttongue / Xandrella / Jove / c2 Vivica

I managed to do ok, not amazing board but not terrible, it was actually about average and “fair”.

Personally if I was you I’d definitely try to make use of Li Xiu. Maybe add Inari too, her dodge can be helpful, then use Ommodus, Heimdall and Milady

Thank you!
I actually beat the level using this team. Barely though haha :sweat_smile:

Edit: Li Xiu didnt really help that much. She died immediately haha.


I was lucky and got a cascade that killed him off before their turn. He had full mana so I was sure I was going to die.

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