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I did about 80 pulls, and I would be happy with most of the featured (Cardinal Richelieu, Ghealach, Gazelle, Quinn). Archie, I already have, and Tenebrae sadly appears to be less interesting than anticipated, so four out of six looks like pretty good odds, no?

Well, what do you know… I got dupe Guardian Chameleon twice (what are the odds?! and I already pulled my first GC in a previous Covenant portal…), and two Uthragans to stuff my roster, and only towards the end, I got Tenebrae as a consolation. None of the others appeared, despite the (theoretically) higher odds. Just my bad luck again. Sigh…

(And the GCs aren’t even because of streakiness in the RNG, since I pulled them separately in two batches three days apart.)

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I did 95 pulls and i got all the featured except Archie so I am very happy. Now its time to save coins and money.

I love Tenebrae art is amazing.

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Did around ~80 pulls too and got these two and dupe Atomos.

Damn I really wanted Super-Elemental 5* or Cardinal. I am even willing to go mad with gems for them in Pickup Portal (unless it’s Anzia or Zengar or Zuni). Instead I got the worst and second worst featured hero. Please somebody tell me that at least that llama is good for something.


Archie is still useful against buff heavy teams. He pairs nicely with Edwin if you have him. Both fast, hit all, and with Edwin you don’t care about priority cleanse like Furdinand.


So while I got lucky in Morlovia, lately my luck has been pretty :poop:. Like, last time I pulled a new hero in Covenant was when Ferrus was first featured several months back. But this time, with Gazelle featured - my most wanted 5* of all time?! I was gonna throw all I could to get her, including saving up for a 30.

Although, to be fair, I have a tendency of only ever pulling a Monster Hunter in these portals - despite always coveting some other featured hero (usually a ninja). Literally, every featured hero I’ve ever pulled was one except for a single dupe Frida, in one of the first Covenants ever. So I knew my odds were already slim, but add that trend on top? Near impossible. Esp with my max pulls I’d be willing to throw at this being 115.

Soo… The Featured

I already had Archie prior… only one of the featured I had previously (and I’ve got two from Springvale), so obvi the worst featured for me to pull.

Then, as I said already, Gazelle has been my most wanted hero for nearly half a decade.

Cardinal was my #2 want, as the only Musketeers I have are Porthos and Queen Anne… The two worst. Plus, fire is one of my worst elements, while ice being one of my best.

Third want of the featured: Quinn, as he’d be my first 5* elemental.

Ghealach I’m not all that excited about, but of the two monster hunters, he’s imo the better of the featured.

Then Tenebrae, with the amazing art, but pretty mediocre SS… the only new one of these I’d be disappointed to pull.

Pull Time :partying_face:

So within my first 59 pulls:

:roll_eyes: lol ofc. Not the worst result, but def not the best… I’ve got too many ice heroes to prioritize this dude, less I’m underestimating something bout him. My other options are Bubbles, Ceto, Thalassa, Himeros, Thanatos, C. Snow White, C. Athena, C. Finley, Tremor, Azurite, C. Aino and Porthos, so it’s just a whole mess of blues for me atm (while literally every other element I have maybe one, two options max lol)

But then, on pull #78

(I did 87 pulls total btw)

…while I was already expecting to have to say goodbye for the second time, my first coin pull of my last chunk before expecting to use my gems for a 30…


I literally shed tears of joy in this moment. No other hero have I coveted this much, nor for this amount of time, more than Gazelle. A hero that truly has the capacity to change my gameplay. I’m so thrilled, that whatever gripes I’ve had with the game lately were washed away in this moment. Now I gotta join an alliance and get back into the swing of things, cuz I’ve got me a new hero I’m excited about, and gotta level :grin:

*Can die [metaphorically, in the context of this game] happy now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh yes Gazelle! and Zekena which i still couldn’t get. God know how many pullsi did, i just couldn’t get them.

Finally got Gazelled this round… maxed and emblemed her albeit non-LB due to lack of yellow aethers and managed to break my personal 3-flag record of 1006k vs a 14* titan with a score of 1061k.

So yeah congrats! I totally know how you feel.


Bertulf who? When you have Gazelle.


That’s pretty good, can you post the team and the mats used. The highest I’ve done was about 300k.

Covenant offers in the shop and the portal isn’t even opened in game? They must been really desperate for some money…


Its here tomorrow i think so just them screwing up as usual


So nice of Zynga to allow us to buy ahead :laughing:


Okay so I have now officially received every featured hero but the one I was after…
Transparency: 218 pulls total across all portals…
Testing the rng I was pleasantly surprised

Few after that got me nothing…came back and got gestalt from UT (wow) tried covenant again and ninja granny

Very happy to see gestalt but not who I was looking for…last try

So I will take my dupes and and save my remaining gems. May try later … may not…
Good luck everyone!


One 5 star from the web store deal (5 pulls)


Seems like that I cloned your return

I too bought the ws offer 1 time and got her with the 5th pull


Sorry, totally missed your post.


Does anyone know when the next covenant summon is please? I don’t see it in the calendar but not sure if it’s usually shown on there.

Keep looking in the November calendar discussion topic, if it is announced then @Elioty33 will post it for us.

One of my best pulls ever


Against my better judgement, decided to get some of the 4 dollar offers, as this crop of Covenant heroes would all be new to me…once again, just like every covenant, I “beat” the odds to pull a crap duplicate. I don’t remember if I’ve ever pulled a featured from it, always the lower chance duplicate crap…sigh. it’s annoying

Edit: yeah, looking at my previous posts in here, I’ve gotten two hatters, and now Alice. Think I’m just going to stop pulling in it. The featured ignore me


Brimstone just came home on the 8x offer. So a happy camper!