🏆 [MASTER] Covenant of Champions - FAQs, Team Discussion, Portal Stats & Summons!

I tried like hell to get Cupido when he was released and nothing… today I pulled 2 :sweat_smile:

This game is weird sometimes :rofl::rofl:


After somewhat awful luck lately I managed to actually get a hero I wanted even though I expected I’ll get Peppermint or dupe Faline at most.

Got Milla Jovovich. Too bad I recently maxed C-Snow White so I am out of scopes. But those two together are potentially really nasty combo.


So bought the 10 pull deal not expecting much. Finally an decent green 5* and also Peppermint but already have so many purple 5* not sure if he’s worth the mats. However still very lucky!


I want to kind of stop spending, even though I use to only get a few coin pull offers from time to time, but Covenant portal has some quality heroes in 3* and 4* rarity, of course 5* are strong to OP too, so it’s hard to resist to get a few bonus coin pulls… lol.
I got 2 300 coin offers and I’m happy with the result despite no 5*.

Dawn, Fianna and Cedar were my missing Covenant 3* and got all 3, Knuckles and 2nd Shrubbear are neat too. I really wanted Bogart, cause I still miss yellow regular def down hero in my roster, but can’t really complain.


6 summons and 4 featured i really cannot complain :sweat_smile:


67% odds?! What favours did you do for SG staff :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Meanwhile I pull two Peppermints…


Bought $12 offer, did another 10 pulls, and got second Milady. Game probably wants me to replicate VF team from tourney with two Miladies and Ludwig at center that handed me my behind pretty badly.

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Not a single dupe, not faline and peppermint. I think your RNG is really broken, shall report this to the devs.

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Might I suggest buying a lottery ticket? But for real - congratulations, 4 different colours, 4 wildly different specials, and all prominent meta heroes :neutral_face:

Craziest pull I ever witnessed! congrats!


What? Wtf, seriously? I’ve seen all kind of luck around here, but if you seriously only did 6 pulls and got all that… the craziest luck I’ve ever seen ever.

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On the one hand, wow and congratulations

On the other hand, so that’s where all my summons luck has been going :stuck_out_tongue:



I have updated my Covenant Quest graphics (improved headshots). @PlayForFun thank you for updating the OP with these to replace my old ones.


Thx, I have added them to the OP.

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