[Master] Costumed heroes should be able to use emblems from their new class

Hi there, I was just testing the costumes and it is kind of strange with embleming the cosrumed hero. The costume has different emblem class but you have to spend the original obes and tgey switch to a different class with the costume. That’s utterly wierd, not only you can’t control the pathway of emblems but it misses the ejole point of gaving the hwro of new class. Let’s make it simple, to be able to put emblems to costume as well

How is this gonna work? You would need to spend double emblems for practically one hero, since you can use either version in a team, not both.


No… Just no…

There is no way I want to have to emblem the Same hero twice… I have better things to do with my resources and emblems than that…

The way it is right now I have cleric emblems on rigsrd. That means for the ranger class trials I have 2 emblemed heroes available for use but only had to spend ranger emblems on one of them… How is that not better than having to spend the ranger emblems twice on two different heroes and getting half the benefit?


Well it’s definitely not ment to have ro put emblems twice. Already emblemed hero should stay like that. However, while leveling the new one from the beginning, it would be nice to exploit the costume way. For example, I still don’t have any strong rogue hero, however, if the originally decent different type turned to rogue, you could just put it there

Maybe you guys can help me think it through… You know what my goal is and it would be nice to have more options where to put the emblems… But not twice

Yes, just yes. You should be able to choose TO START embleming EITHER of the classss. But only one.


Agree… have a ton of wizard for Melendor, and 0 druid. S***

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If Viv is a sorcerer wearing her new costume and she uses the sorcerer talent tree she should use sorcerer emblems to get there. Or at least it should be an option. That would be one of the greatest assets of the costumes. Not having it makes no sense from an in-game logic sense and is just frustrating for players too.

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I agree with @Halifax and @Arthemis and actually thought that the ability to swap from traditional hero to costumed, included ascending with the costume’s element. As and example I have a fully leveled up Sonya and is a paladin, but with her costume as a druid, I should be able to use the 200+ druid emblems instead of her paladin emblems. I have a deep shortage of paladin emblems which Sonya uses in her traditional element and with her fully ascended costume I wanted to use druid emblems and move the paladin emblems to other 4* and 5* heroes on my roster. But the current game rules don’t allow this.

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I thought that would the whole point of changing the class? :woman_shrugging:
As I have a chao+7 and one at 3/60 if I’m lucky enough to pull a chao costume when it comes out I’d finish chao and level costume and what ever class the costume brings I can put said emblems on him!
Maybe could be a reason why costumes have been put on hold?

I think the best way to do this is to make the emblems for a costume dual class. For example, Sonya would require Paladin emblems to advance down the tree the same as she always has. Lets say you have 10 nodes on her as a paladin and you then draw her costume. When equipping her druid costume for the first time you should be able to select 10 nodes down her druid tree independent from her paladin tree. From that point on, if you want to progress her down either tree you would need to spend paladin emblems for node 11. Equip her druid costume and select node placement on her druid tree. So, primary class requires emblems just like always and the secondary class requires nodes. Basically two nodes for the emblem price of one and the dual class nodes are only available to use on that hero’s costume. No extra cost and both trees are independent of one another as far as where you place them.

I’m hoping that you’re right and that is what’s going on, but I haven’t seen anything that verifies this.


I think people are using costumes differently then what sg thought!
People putting a costume on a ready leveled hero with emblems!
Where I see it as you have your leveled hero say hawkmoon+10 you keep hawkmoon the same! You level another hawkmoon then costume so you have an new hero plus still keep the old one the same!? That makes sense yeah?

Plus if you want to level the new one with emblems depending on class you have to adjust to the original class to make it work! Correct? Maybe we’ll is difficult for everyday players! To understand.?

It makes sense, i still dont put much thouth on costumes. Another possibility is the potentially use of both emblem classes in the same hero. Meaning, you emblem sonya until node 10 and not have anymore paladin emblems, you could use druid emblems to continue the road to node 20. It would be easy for reaching node 18 or 20. But of course that would raise another set of problems…

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How about this?

Since the costume hero has two classes, why not allow us to use emblems of either class to get it up to level 20? It’s difficult to accumulate these emblems over time, especially for a 5* hero. This would allow us the flexibility of mixing them to ascend our hero further with emblems.

For example: I have costume Rigard, I would like to be able to add either the cleric or the ranger emblem to him to get him to level 20.

The path I choose stay the same for both classes, this just allows me to increase his power quicker by being able to use both emblem classes.

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I would personally prefer to decouple the talent tree paths between the two classes, if we are changing something. Going left left center right right on one class shouldnt force you to do the same on the other…


Can anyone share the fully emblemed joon and constumed version stats and emblem path ? Thanks

It would be amazing if the SG considered the possibility for players to choose which emblem to use on heroes with costumes (please guys🙏🏻), i have a Richard’s costume and i have a lot of barbarian emblems to use on it, but i have to use paladin emblems cuz the game don’t allow me to use the barbarian ones, and i just earned Clarissa who is also a paladin, so it will be very very difficult to get emblems on both heroes, i agree the heroes/costumes can have the same path on talent grid when we use the emblems or even separated path, but it will be perfect if we can choose which emblem to use. Thoughts?


Someone suggested it before, but I don’t think it’s practical. Check out this following thread


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration: