🎭 [MASTER] Costume Event – The Masquerade (OLD) – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

From couple key pulls I got costume for Chao, which is new to me.

Not investing gems with old costumes featured. So that’s it for me.


6 free pulls saved up, 5 3* dupes and Brienne being “new”, tyvm for the pile of :poop:

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Didn’t pull last time, so had 40 keys. They got me:
5 dup 3*
Greymane (slower gato. I’m guessing still not worth the effort?)
Grimm (yay, didn’t have his costume yet)
Scarlet (same)

So all in all, 2 new 4* in 8 pulls, good enough!

Still hoping to pull the missing costume for boldtusk and sabina (and wu, kelile, colen, chao, gormek, and maybe boril and cyprian), or one of the 5* to keep viv’s costume company


8 pulls’ worth of keys and one gem summon to finish off the chest (can’t leave it hanging at 9, eh?). Non dupes were Kelile, which completes my collection of 4* costumes, and Justice. Orb from the chest. Plan to get Kelile up soon. Justice was already at 3.70, so I’d like to get the costume up to match. No hurry.

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I’m one of the really unlucky fools in the costume portal ~

In 225 pulls (I’ve never eaten a costume), I’ve gotten two 5* costumes; that’s one 5* costume per 113 pulls

Lol so no surprise here; 10 pulls netted me a whole lotta dupes.


My five pulls netted four 3* and one 4*. All duplicates. It isn’t real often I could say pulling Dawa would have been an upgrade, but there is. Still don’t have Dawa costume :joy:

Best pull out of five:

Unfortunately, it is a dupe, and I have no use for him. :disappointed_relieved:

I think this is the first time I’ve gotten a featured costume (got Quintus, Sartana, and Joon costumes when not featured). :sweat_smile:


3 5* costumes!?! Rub some of that luck off on
me! :crossed_fingers: This portal has been brutal since the last batch of S1’s was released. I am summoning tomorrow :crossed_fingers:



I needed some cheering up today so I did a pull. I know… it’s more likely to make me feel worse. But RNG was kind and graced me with Costume Lianna. A little later, I did a second summon and RNG gave me Costume Joon. I feel a little better now. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like going out to buy a lottery ticket…


3 keys in two battle chests, that pretty uncommon to see.

Brutal since forever… At least I stopped doing 10 pulls, the result this time was the same - nothing. :slight_smile:
When I remember that people are targeting a specific costume and pull it - man, can I get any of them?! :joy:

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I just collected keys from the remaining stages of the quest.

Didn’t have him, so very happy.
Just need Sonya, Cademon, Little John, Grimm, Scarlett, Kelie,… And many more lol


Total of 4 key pulls from this event.

Pulled Kiril, Caedmon, Tiburtus and Turym - all dupes.

Still happy to have dupe original Caedmon (actually third), Tiburtus and Kiril, so not a complete waste.

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Total of 50 key pulls from this event.

Pull 3 heros 4* and 7 heros 3* -

only Rigard new - so happy
9 duplicates


Got 5* after so many months…


Sometimes the RNG in this game is really funny. I’m playing for 3 years every day (f2p - so I don’t expect to get the seasonal 5* s very often) and I have never get any s2, s3 or s4 5* . Once I was lucky enough and get Morgan from 10x pull, but except for her I have just s1 legendaries and several HotMs. But in the case of costumes, it is a completely different story. I managed to pull costume for my Groot, Domitia, Elk, Lianna and today also Joon without spending a single gem. :joy:


I got 3 pulls in. I was 1 key short of a 4th. I opened all my wanted boxes searching for a key, but no dice. There is no way I am burning gems here given how unkind it’s been lately:

1 - Renfeld (dupe)
2 - Oberon (dupe)
3 - Friar Tuck (dupe)

Truthfully the drought in this portal has gotten so bad I don’t even want to play this event anymore. I used to love costume chamber, but hate it now. I think my frustration boils down I am searching 4*’s. This isn’t even about 5’s. I still don’t have all the 4’s from the first release and have only gotten 1 4* from the last batch. There are a ton of 4’s I am missing and I just keep getting the same stupid 3’s over and over and over as naseum …

Venting is done. Good luck to those still summoning!



My lucky day… But, i dont know is she good or not


Im slowly getting her to 20

Have fun :+1: