🎭 [MASTER] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

I’ve experienced the same. From at least 10/month (even when MV was every 8 hours) to 4 since the last costume chamber. It might just be unlucky RNG though.

Hmmm … yeah I think I am getting the short end too. Ditto for EHT. ETT As usual.

Maybe cos it’s every alternate month now, compared to monthly last time.

Back when MV was in 8 hour intervals, the costume keys keep showing up left and right, but now it’s just very rare. I understand because it’s 4 hours, the chances for getting keys may have been altered, but they rarely show up lately

I was at 28 when the event started, all received within the last two month. When it was monthly, it have been 13-16, so from my side all as usual.

The number of keys I receive are relativ consistent.

When it was once a month I was able to do 1-2 extra pulls so 5-10 keys per month.

Last time I pulled was September, so there was the quest in November were I got 10 keys.
I had 40 keys this chamber (before the new quest) so I collected 30 keys in 4 months. At average 8 per month.
That’s pretty much what it was since ever for me.



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