[Master] Costume Changing Bug - Changing a Costume Elsewhere During Preparation Phase affects War / Tournament Defence Team

As I understand it this shouldn’t happen anymore per the announcement & changes made to costumes in V28 (March 2020).

However while doing the class trials I changed Sartana from “costume” version to “regular” version (Fighter → Wizard) in order to participate in the Trials of Mysticism.

There was no “warning” dialogue when I went to change the costume version as Sartana isn’t currently part of any of my teams, except on my war defence team.

In the PREVIOUS war, Sartana was in costume form. I am 100% certain of it.

THIS war however, Sartana is in WIZARD form… and I am also certain that I never once went and changed the setup…

What I THINK happened was that changing the costume for the class trials while the war defence team wasn’t locked resulted in Sartana being changed in my War Defence Team.


Guv are you saying Sartana changed after the war started? Or before?

I’m pretty sure costumes aren’t locked until the war starts.

Which is a pet peeve of mine. I wish we could set defenses (war, tower and tourney) and forget them.

Was before I believe. It’s locked on my war defence now and I can switch her back and forth now.

It’s just changed on my war defence and I’m pretty confident I didn’t change it.

Only time the costume gets changed off “fighter” version is fr class trials.

Defenses are currently still locked from mid-week war, until, I think, it says “prepare your defenses”. Then I think costumes will revert to whatever is shown in the roster

I think when war begins and the defense is locked again, that costumes are locked in whatever mode they are in your roster at that time. At least that’s how it seems to work for tourneys. This has burned me in the past, set up tourney defense early in the day but change a costume later to do something else and forget to change it back before tourney begins

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I have tested this before:
If you change the costume form of a hero which is on the war defense team after the war starts but before the next starts the the modified costume version will be in you war defense team.

The same is true for raid tournament defense teams too.

Earlier before your mentioned change you could not change the custome of heroes on defense team during wars and tournaments.
SG fixed that so that they are not changing at the war and tournament defense team if you change it in your roster.

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Yeah, and that’s what I’m saying… If it’s enabled so that changing during war doesn’t affect war defence, why does it change during matchmaking/ preparation phase?

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Ok remembered this and tested it again. 100% changes the war defence team during matchmaking/ preparation phase…

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I agree, if they’re locking the costumes for war teams then you should only be able to change the costumes for that war team at the war team setup screen during preparation phase.

I will need to keep my eye on this since I am also using C.Sartana on my war teams.

Yeah, it’s especially annoying for the Weekday Class Trials & war overlap…

  • Class trials run from Wednesday 1700 to Thursday 1700 (my time).

  • War Battle phase starts at Wednesday 1800…

Meaning that there is a 1hr overlap/ window where if you change the costume to USE in the class trial, you have until 1800 to change it back… otherwise its locked in the wrong format…

This is essentially what happened to me & how I found the issue… I changed the class of sartana to use wizard in the mid-week class trials, right at the start of the class trials (like I usually do). HOWEVER I didn’t realise it changed my war defence team in that 1hour window, & hence my Sartana was locked for the duration of that war in the wrong version…

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And that is likely exactly what I am going to do myself …

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I believe this is working as intended.

If you start a thread under Ideas to allow us to lock in costumes for different areas of the game I would vote for it.

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When the war starts, the present choice for costume or not gets frozen. It would be so much better if it froze right away, except when it’s manually changed within the war team itself.

I know this is not a bug btw, but the category is bugs and issues and it’s certainly an issue to me.

Let me explain. I am fortunate enough to have Vivica with costume. I have her standard in my defence team, both the normal one and in wars. But since Isarnia is also in there, I want Viv there without her costume.

Whenever I use her in attacks though (including titans, events and maps), I always have her IN costume and so she puts it on in my defence teams as well. For my normal defence team this is not a big issue. I’ll find out that she’s still in costume and change that. Worst thing that can happen is that I was attacked a couple of times, but when I change her the change will take direct effect.

For the war team however… I’ve found myself stuck with a Vivica in costume for the last ten wars in row! And that sucks! Each of the ten times I’ve repeatedly taken off her costume prior to the war, only to do an attack again and switch it back on. It doesn’t help that the only warning that the war will start is 24 hours in advance and that the start times are different on Wednesdays and Saturdays. And that they have changed when I changed alliances.

If the costume setting would freeze in the normal defence team as well, this would be even better, but the war team is the real issue.


Do I understand you correctly, that you want a single Vivica to be available both in her normal form (on defense) and costumed form (for attacks), at the same time?

That is disallowed, by design.

By design, if you put on our removea costume, that applies to that instance of that hero everywhere. So if you’re raiding before your war defense is locked (and not switching get back), that’s working by design.

If you’re attacking after your war defense is locked, you shouldn’t be able to access that hero’s costume at all, because she’s busy.

So, can you confirm whether you use the costume before war has properly started (raids, maps, quests), or in war itself?

What a strange answer. No I do not ask to be able to use the hero with a different costume than she has in the war. I don’t have to, because the game already allows it. And because she’s busy? If she’s so ‘busy’ defending, then how come you can use that hero in attacks at all? This game doesn’t care if a hero is ‘busy’ somewhere and never has. So why make an exception for the costume? That makes no sense at all.

Using your kind of logic, it should be allowed to change the costume choice at all times and not lock it during the war, when they’re just waiting there in the field for somebody to attack for a couple of minutes. Just like in the defence team.

All that I’m saying is that if you’re going to lock the costume choice in the war team during war, then please do that earlier.

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Yeah, I don’t get it either, really, but the established design is “costumed or not everywhere they’re used”. As such, it’s not a question of busyness, per se (my bad, there), but that she’s either in costume or not; she can’t be concurrently wearing it and not. It’s an arbitrary rule, granted (because, as you observed, she’s not actually “busy”), but it’s the one they decide on…

But you don’t appear to have answered my question, that I can tell. Did you equip the costume for non-war attacks, or after the war?

And why would you want to lock it earlier? Based on the above design decision, you wouldn’t be able to take costume Viv on raids if they did…

If you use a costume on defence, once your defense is locked in for the war, you actually equip and unequip thecostume for raids etc.

What the op is saying is it would be better if you could lock it in the war defence selection before war starts so you don’t have to remember to chage the costume version just before the war starts which would be the way be very useful as a qol update

…and not be able to use the costume in raids or PvE stages?

No you can use them in war as a standard version and then use the costume version in raid etc afterwards and vice versa already

As soon as the war starts, your defense is locked in place including costumes but after the war had started you can change the costume for use in other game modes

Eg. In my war defence say I have a Rigard that I want in costume for war defence however I also use him in my normal defence but without the costume. You are right that he will be in costume (or not) in all places so if you change your war defence it will change the raid defence, but only before the war starts.

To make them different you would have your raid defence as normal and then just before the war starts, you’d have to remember to change Rigard to costume version. When the war starts, you can change him back on your raid defence and/or use him in any other game modes in whatever version you want and the war defence will not change as it’s locked from the start of war.

Op wants to change this so that you can simply lock the costume choice for war in place rather than doing this workaround that you might forget about -there is no change in functionality just a qol improvement

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