🌌 [MASTER] Contest of Elements - FAQs, Team Discussion, Portal Stats & Summons!

Decided to buy one of the web offers for 10 coins.
Typical rubbish like Morris, Oberan, Renfeld, but on the very last pull I managed to finally get SERGEI!!
Now I finally have a purple EDD. And from the bonus chest it gave me 50 druid emblems, it’s like it knew I was going to get Sergei (I opened the chest before using the last coin)

Also got Heimdall from Fated Summon


Was hoping for one of the three star healers with my two pulls as purple is the only colour I don’t have one in.

Got this instead so guess I can’t complain too much.


Bought another web offer and got Arges but nothing else good, all 3*
And from the bonus chest, I received 2x Royal tabards!


what a great consolation prize :wink: :smiley:

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It certainly is.

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After 50 pulls got one 5 star. Good hero and new to my roster :blush:


Louhi is amazing, I love her very much and use her. Dispel first is great.


Great. After 69 pulls I get 0 5*, not even HotM. Terrific. Before that I got Max but that was another 100 pulls without 5* before, and the one 5* I got before was Cleaver, who was featured despite SGG had plans to nerf him. And before I had another 100 pulls with 2x HotM before which I got dupe Lui Bei. Screw this game.

@Petri! I am asking *YOU* personally to replace my Cleaver 1:1 for anything else of my choice. SGG put him there despite your plans of him being nerfed into oblivion, so it’s YOUR mess and thus I demand adequate solution. I am out of my patience with this joke of a company and people who are working for it.

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Completed the quest easily like the other ones with “weak” teams compared to what is suggested (except maybe for the last one):
Stages 1-2:

Stages 3-4:

Stages 5-6:

Stages 7-8:

Stages 9-10:

And only used two mana pots on the last stage to fill Proteus:

As for the summons, dupe Jack and Balthazar. Yep, straight to feeding Belladona who is almost maxed out. Got Sartana’s costume to do after. Or I could LB Belladona first. I don’t know, I ain’t decided yet.


Finished and did my 2 pulls.

The good news? I pulled a 5*.

The bad news? It was a dupe Zulag… I’d rather have pulled something that would have gone to my FS count than a dupe Zulag.