🌞 [MASTER] Contest of Elements - FAQs, Team Discussion, Portal Stats & Summons!

Fire element is gonna suck. Lots of heavy hitters, but very few healers and dispellers. And even less cleansers.

You don’t need cleansers in CoE, you can bring 20 antidotes with you during the battle and that’s more than enough.


True. I was also referring to a lack of red cleansers in general.

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Yuppp, this. Plus Grazul or Hathor or Emilio, don’t need to cleanse if you’re immune

If you can time it well, yes indeed.

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I am really happy I kept 4 copies of Wilbur. Wilbur + Boldtusk will be my key for this quest.

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I’m doing something like that.

1-4 I’m relying on the healing items

5-6 Hawkmoon

7-8 Grazul (Fated Summon) + Junaid

9-10 Boldtusk

I hope it’s enough especially the 5-6

I must admit that I have somewhat accepted my fate when it comes to the Contest of Elements quests, that I can usually brute force my way to around stages 6-8… even though I have high success levels in almost all events, this is the one where I am reminded that my roster just doesn’t have the depth.

Right now though, my priority will continue to be to round out my 6 rainbow 5* teams, because I know that once I have that down pat, I can take a breath and focus in on my 3*'s and 4*'s for the benefit of diversity, depth, as well as better tournament rankings. In addition to that though, I can also start to flesh out some more troops as well. It’s maybe not the most optimal gameplay style, but it’s working for me, and I’m still have fun!

Even with this struggle though, I do still enjoy the Contest of Elements event because I definitelty feel that it gives some underutilised heroes some etxra love! :heart: