[Master] Clash of Knights - tips on completion

I am struggling to complete the 3* rare and 4* levels and would like some tips, best heroes to use. Particularly having problem with the red counterattack heroes and the boss levels, as they seem overpowered to me.

I am not a novice at this game and have tried lots of different combinations to complete the final rare level but cannot keep my heroes alive. What did you do to complete this level. What heroes and battle items did you use?

Finally it is good that we have a tournament that is a challenge, I just want yo know the best way of overcoming the tougher levels.



Heroes as Mist, Sabina*, Wilbur, Dogoon or Gunnar* can help you by preventing foes getting the buff or by lowering the counterattack damage.

To complete the event be sure to have a big amount of items to clear negative status effects.


I tried various strategies.

First one was to just go massive damage and nuke my way through… You can guess how that one went :rofl:

Second one was to go heavy on dispel and cleanse heroes with plenty of healing. It worked to an extent but took forever and just couldn’t keep up with the traps and counters.

Final one was to just go down the mana block route. Bauchan, Proteus, Merlin,Hansel, Gretel, Hel, Alfrike, etc

This one worked best but i still got through a pile of antidotes


what do you have to let you know what can you use, As discussed before you need lots of antidote, dispellers if you have one and cleansers

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I really struggle to complete Rare level 10! I finally manage it after reading tips on the Master Clash of clan. I went mono blue:
C-Ulmer, C-Gunnar, Nordri, Gato, Frosty.

This event is out of balance! Easy first edition, but way too tough now! Many members of my alliance are struggling and decided to stop doing it. I’m working on the epic levels, but even with my usually life saver Gullinbursti health boost, it’s quite hard and I am not sure I will finish Epic…


lol wait until the last level of epic


Same in my alliance, some of my allies said they feels frustrating and not going to continue to play. I completed rare and epic and see how many stage of legend I can conquered.


I feel a bit of a fraud as I am an experienced played and have most of the heroes you mention. I will try the mana control route and shared damage and taunt where possible just to give myself time… I have dispellers at 4* in Sonya and Melandor, but not sure if there are 3* dispellers? The likes of Bauchan will control mana in 3*, and will look at what others do to control mana too.

Do your best, it certainly is a lot harder than previous tournaments

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Oh dear, is that even tougher?

Belith, Tyrum and Mnesseus dispel


Just to mention some: Tyrum, Belith from S1 easy to obtain

I went through rare and most of the epic without a problem but the las level of epic I die 2 time already

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This event is unnecessarily difficult. Used Gulli, Proteus, wilbur ferrant, cillian and got through but had to use lots of items. Wouldn’t call this fun


It seems that if you go in saying “I’m going to spam items and re-roll as much as needed to get an ideal starting board”, you can finish all of it without ever triggering the burn. But, I can’t afford that level of item use, personally. If you want to play more conservatively/casually, it is brutally hard, and you probably end up using the items anyway, and I find it less enjoyable than other events.

So I guess spamming the re-rolls is the “right” way to do this. It makes me feel dirty, though.


nicely done! I completed with almost the same time, except dropped Gato for C-Karil :slight_smile: i used antidotes, mana potions, arrows and axes

I thought about using Helo, but decided that I would just use antidotes (i have over 900 in stock), because Frosty’s minions provided some nice meat shielding and will help kill the mobs

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You were my inspiration :wink: I did not have C-Karil level up, but Gato did it nicely. And his special counter the level event traps which is good. Thanks to have share your team, I would not been able to do it without reading about your team, even thought I’m experience player that usually go through all events (casually just to get completion loot). I was getting fed up trying to find a teams that work and was about to just stop doing that event…


I finally completed rare with Frosty, c Karil, c Gunnar, chick Jr and Noril… Tha ks for everyone’s input… Epic next!


Im at level 9 in epic and its tough , I have basically every hero leveled but not boril or ferant any suggestions ?

I did find Rare harder than earlier and ended up experimenting with a bunch of heroes. Grevle, C. Gunnar, Nordri, Gato stood strong. For some reason though, all my boards were very light on blue tiles and Rare was a struggle. Had a couple of repeats, used mana pots, antidotes and healing pots.

Epic was a breeze actually. I’d adjusted to the new difficulty level and this team came through even on lean tile boards.
C. Rigard - C. Tiburtus - Proteus - Merlin - Gullinbursti

Needed mostly mana pots, small and medium to keep Proteus charged. Some antidotes and 1 or 2 revive scrolls.

Haven’t unlocked Legendary yet. Will definitely be using Alfrike.

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Attempting Rare Stage 10 with only S1 heroes. Team is cHawkmoon - Jahangir - Azar - Tyrum - Belith. Everyone emblemed except Hawkmoon.

3 Red stack to increase tile damage (Blue would be better against the Red mobs, but my only S1 Blues are Ulmer and Gunner and they’re both limit broken), cHawkmoon for healing and attack up, Tyrum for dispel, Belith for healing and dispel.
Items are mana potions, minor mana potions, antidotes, and axes

Would have cleared the bosses if I’d used the axes but was trying to see if I could do it without :stuck_out_tongue:

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