[Master] Clash of Knights is a failure. Could have been great

I’m in a small alliance, we don’t have enough active members to unlock Legendary. But that’s fine, I chose to stay here where I’m happy. That’s more important to me than getting coins and loot :slight_smile:

Is it fair? I don’t know. I do wish this event were more accessible to smaller alliances.

Do I personally care about it? no. I know others do though.


I like the event but the chest at the end is just ridiculous very poor loot especially if your in a alliance that won’t be at top high tiers team or even reach 1st 2nd teir. Guess if I’m to get nice team loot at the end I’ll need to leave my alliance and join others with more players to reach decent loot witch means I need to let the team down. :unamused:

Feel free to post! I respect your opinion aswell!

It simply frustrates to see all those rant comments everytime anything new comes out. It doesn’t matter what…

  • Calling for nerfs
  • rant about summon chances
  • rant about drop rates
  • rant about boards
  • rant about bad luck
  • rant about difficulty
  • rant about ne heroes if they are just average
  • rant if new heroes are strong
  • rant about pay2win
  • rant about heroes getting buffed
  • rant about to much content
  • rant about to many offers
  • e&p is dying since 5 years every new year

You will rarely read positive posts here but instead a lot of negative ones. Of those typically less then 1% does offer any meaningfull suggestion how things could be better for us while matching SGGs interests. Its just ranting to rant and thats what makes me angry and thats why i react the way i am. Crybabies with thousands of posts got their nerfs for Tellu/Vela while a lot of players were happy to have a new pvp-challenge and it seems to be the only thing nowadays which is omnipresent - rantthreads.

A fair system could be created by adjusting the threshold to unlock epic/legendary according to how many members alliances have. The required points per member would be the same as now. So an alliance with 15 members would need 5 million score. Something like that. My alliance has 10 active members and a few can’t complete the epic stages. This way too alliances wouldn’t be affected at all! Move to a larger alliance or legendary is not for everyone are the only solutions I’ve seen so far.

On the other hand you could take the 5 man and the 10 man alliance and fight together as a 15 man alliance. It would enhance the chances for both alliances not only on this event but also on mythic titan. It would also give you the chance to build a community and maybe find friends.

There is literally no downside to be inside an active and big alliance.

The only alliances getting decent loot in this thing are ones you are not ever going to be a part of. There are probably over 100,000 active alliances in this game. We are ranked about 2100 overall. That’s pretty damn good and we get…nothing extra. Just relax and enjoy what you can out of it. And if you can’t open the legendary, seriously, it’s not worth losing sleep over. The loot in this thing sucks.

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I wouldn’t worry about missing out on “nice team loot”. The alliance and player ranking rewards are mostly randomised loot.

For example:

Top 1k alliance has a guaranteed avatar + 2x WE flasks plus 3x random 20 emblems

Top 10k alliance has a guaranteed WE flask plus 2x random 20 emblems

I don’t think it’s worth leaving your alliance for the chance of improved team AQ loot - in reality, possibly underwhelming team loot. I think it’s better to stay in a nice alliance. :wink:

PS Happy New Year! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Glad you like it. I think it is trash. Now that we got that off our keyboard, now what? Since you asked me nicely to “please” go play something else, I will ask you to please stay off the forums if it upsets/frustrates you so much when players vent in an attempt to fix something they see as a problem.


I get it, but I think the posts complaining about others complaints are even worse. Seems like if you don’t like a complaint post you could move the next thread. Unless you personally are a developer at SG it’s not a personal attack on you.

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My opinion is it’s not unfair, but it’s stupid. Unless you are in a top 150 alliance with a reasonable chance to reach top 100 alliance ranking the loot is so bad, it’s not worth the effort. Simply put it means SG has made an event that does not provide value to 99% of their customers, many of whom still spend considerably on the game. Makes me strongly wonder if it’s worth continuing to spend anything at all. Maybe that’s what the developers want? A game with about 5,000 huge spenders competing with each other?


If so much people are complaining about this event and in a more general scale, how does SG currently handle E&P,then it might means that there are some broken things.
You talked about the lack of positive things so I will list some positive aspects:

  • E&P is quite stable and you can easily play it wherever you want: home sweet home, public transport …
  • Like so many gatcha games, it can be considered as “easy to learn, hard to master”, thus accessible for so many people.
  • Devs are creating some kind of a (very very very) light storytelling with differents seasons, the monthly events …
  • Like other post says, their are also making strong efforts to present new heroes wich are visually pleasing.
  • Last but not least, you can easily make some relations/friends who share you playstyle ( competitor, just for fun/“family”, high level alliances …) and that’s what keep me playing currently

Now let’s talks about irritating points:

  • We are litteraly “milking cow”.
    There are so many paying things in E&P, I just can’t enumerate them all.
    At the beginning, it was invocations and materials, then they were the emblems, and now, there is the limit break.
    Every time you need something,there are 2 solutions:
    ->you wait weeks and months, hoping to obtain the required amount of resources you need and you need to be very patient
    ->you pay, pay and pay again and again trying to follow the “meta” ( so difficult as they are new heroes every three weeks).

  • Rewards are just shameful:
    Not be able to pull only one time when you finish a 10 step quest, that’s shocking.
    receiving a 4* stone and a 3* mantle (only got 48 until now, lucky me), that’s disguting.
    The game dont give a ■■■■■■■ fwck about your playing time and how you struggled to complete it and you think we grumble for nothing … I would take it as a joke.

  • Invocation odds,another joke:
    Well, do I really have to explain that passing a nearly a year to have your 2700 gems (or using your magic CB )
    and receiving only 3 and 4* in a 10 times pull make you feel bad,sad and not funny at all (As a FTP, I know the pain).
    Other gatcha with “smart devs” improve the odds when yo don’t pull a high level heroe after a 10 times pull… Maybe SG should think about it, but they are so greedy now.
    And sometimes, if you are a bit lucky, you can get a 5* hotm, out of nowhere. (it’s hardly happen however)

  • Only “whales” enjoy this game system:
    Following the previous points, this game became automatically broken.
    If are not ready to spend large amount of money, you will not be competitive in tournaments, raids and every damned event wich ask you to be in the top 100/ top 1000 to obtain some cool “rewards”.

Wich lead me to my conclusion:

They are no more place for fun in E&P, if you are not ready to spend(and not just a little).

No fun in a game, what a pity.


The event was tough but we needed a challenge the only thing that you cant deny is the rewards r garbage


Glad to hear this! I’m in a full 30 alliance with heavy hitters, and I and others will not finish the event. The difficulty is somewhat heavy, and wasting practically all battle items in reserve is what’s stopping me. Now I’ll have to spend ham to build items back, instead of building up heroes or troops


I think they changes the made where there is a challenge was too much. I have no hope of going beyond the 3 star level being in my own alliance with just me. What killed it was the combination was the Fire DoT and 40% reduction in damage. That was simply too much.

I never did finish level 10 after trying 8 different times, with various combo of teams and using all battle items. Each and every time I would kill one hero and the board went to crap.

I just got frustrated and said *$%@ it. Not worth time, not worth the Battle Items for whatever meh rewards you’d get for completion.

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I auto played all levels just not last on on each stage. It should be more difficult and give better prizes.

Well that truly made me chuckle… you make them have it with both barrels…
But yes it definitely should have better rewards

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