[Master] Clash of Knights is a failure. Could have been great

Clash of Knights is an exiting idea and well done but it’s yet another way to exclude lower level and non-paying players from the game. On top of it a new requirement for completion: team effort and capability. What, are we supposed to leave our alliance and look for one that can win into the 3rd teir? I was hoping this would be a way to revive some of the team spirit people used to have, overall mutual enjoyment of the game, and cooperative attitude that slays titans and wins wars…so far it’s doing the opposite. Sad day in panda land. :sweat:


The first event hasn’t finished yet so let’s wait and see the outcome and overall feedback.
There will be pros and cons to this. But overall I can say that I have enjoyed it.
From a scores and rewards point of view I personally don’t mind the end result - as long as members try for the benefit of the whole alliance.
But I am concerned that in this event you can identify people that haven’t used a flag. It’s what leaders can do with that information in more competitive teams


Well, I am the leader of a small alliance and am stuck after completing the first levels. You need 2.5m to unlock the second wave, 2 of us @ 400k+, 1 @ 300k+ and a couple of other hitters with a total of 1.4m combined. Doesn’t look like we will be playing the last 2 levels this time around.


Basically they’ve made an event that requires you to have a certain amount of heroes, and having spend a ton of time invested in said heroes in order to complete the event. So yea I totally agree with you, that all this event does is create seperation within alliances and not togetherness. Oh and yea bye bye newer players, once again overlooked by SG (of course unless you’d like to spend and throw in your first born).


The problem with the event for me is that it doesn’t take into account the size of the alliance. 2.5 or 10M is just impossible to hit unless you have an X amount of members.

This is not a problem in wars where opponents are matched to your number or mythic titans where you can actually hit super hard, buy refills, etc if you want to climb up with a small alliance (difficult and paywalled, but possible).

My alliance is very mid tier but we do have strong hitters and full 30 so we reached the 10M in one day only, but for alliances with 10 or less members it’s going to be tough unless they are all super strong hitters. Honestly, the design of the event is terrible even if the idea is good.

A better way would be to have - X% of alliance reaching level Y or even completing the first level to unlock the 2nd tier and so on. A hard cap number forces you to increase your member count and that might not be what some people want, and there should be nothing wrong with that.


we are a 15 players alliance with 60+ lvl players. all good and peachy here :slight_smile:


We are a laid back alliance. We will never get past the first tier, and everything is peachy with us too.


It’s an event to use lot of antidot and force to have a guild of 30 players.

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we are a casual alliance made up of some working adults.
we play for fun and not to compete.
no pressure to complete the alliance challenge at all.


SG doesn’t put pressure an anyone or any alliance with this event.
We put pressure on ourselves in the game.
If we want to play and be a member of a small laidback alliance that plays for fun, then we need to accept that we are not necessary going to get to the end of Legendary.
I have two accounts, the alliance for my main account can complete the whole event. But my alt account can’t get through the first tier. But I accept it for what it is. It’s just a game. If I wanted more then I would switch my alt to another alliance.
The same goes for Titans. I want my alt account in a small alliance so can’t complain when I don’t face 10*+.
Just my own opinion and two pennies worth


Eh? You can complete the entire event with 10 heroes, or 15 if you haven’t emblemed up the right epics. This is the one about being in a big enough alliance, not the one where you can’t re-use heroes or the ones where they get cursed out. My alliance is tiny (down to 7 members now) but we’ve set ourselves the target of getting to epic level and will cheer each other on as enthusiastically as if we were aiming for the top 10. Which is nice. We are considering trying to find a similarly minded alliance to merge with by the time the next one comes round.


We have to accept, that there are elements of this game which work better in bigger alliances. The most important is Titans inclluding MT and now this clash of knights event. I left my beloved smaller alliance a month ago, so they could merge with an other equal minded and bigger alliance. I was lucky to be accepted by a top500 alliance. On the 14* titans i am only at C-level damage, but got in this month more 4* mats from titans than in half a year killing 8-9* titans with A or A+ damage class in my old alliance. You have to decide, beeing in smaller alliance can be nice, but in bigger alliances you meet friendly and interresting people too, and its easier to grow. If you have more success by getting better loot, the overall gaming experience is better for many players. So I can understand that SG tries to nudge the players towards less but bigger alliances.
But its not a must, you only have to accept, that certain elements of the game are not in your favor. And it has nothing to do with money, I an completely f2p from day one.

Think about mergers or temporary alliance changes for special events. Good luck and happy gaming.


I have finished all 3 levels and would say you are not missing anything worthwhile.

Pretty disappointing event and loot.


I believe this event is trying to unite low player count alliances as well. If you want to get to top tier, you have to recruit or merge. There are so many low member alliances. If they want to be like that, that’s fine. But your gameplay will be shaped around your decision. You can’t have 10-15 players and go for the top. If you are mid level, than adjust your expectations mid level.

Recently my alliance merged with another group and its great. Loot is definitely better, espacially on titans.


This is actually better for low level players as the stages are easier than a normal challenge event. If you consider that low level players can’t finish, then I’ll log back to the idea that players shouldn’t be able to complete everything on day one.

The alliance thing is more interesting. The game is moving towards incentivizing larger alliances. Why? Who knows. But everyone can be part of an alliance of any size so if you chose to be in an alliance that can’t complete, that’s your choice. It sucks this time, but now you know.


It would be better if the completion rewards were en par with a regular challenge event. When I finished Knights of Avalon Rare, I got a guaranteed Warm cape and a WE flask plus 50 emblems. When I finished Clash of Knights Rare, I got a scabbard… If I was a newer player I wouldn’t take it so lightly, believe me.

Bigger alliances tend to make people spend more, as @Tess_01 just stated, however it’s not only that. There are the alliance bundles like Share the Gems and Mythic Titan bundle, where everyone usually agrees to spend a bit for the bigger benefit of the alliance, and this in turn brings SG a ton of money for a short while. MT bundle for example gives them an almost sure $150 per alliance every time, and it’s only natural they want to increase the number of people in bigger alliances.


Yeah it could be better with better rewards. But everything can. If we view it as an add on to regular challenge events it’s good because it’s more loot. If we view it as a replacement to ninja tower then I guess it’s similar? I don’t know what players can complete.

I agree with your logic about why they want us in an alliance. I assumed it had more to do with player longevity (being in a larger alliance keeps you around longer) and that increases net spend.

I guess it’s similar to larger alliances being able to take down larger titans. So if you choose to limit your ability there it carries through here.

There’s nothing in those rewards that’s game breaking. I remind myself that this game is a marathon and I’m never going to reach the finish. So, I just enjoy the play.

The ptw players play a different game than we do. Helps me to think of this as the major, minor, aaa, aa, a, and family community baseball leagues. :slight_smile: I get better and so does the competition. Basically I’m not going anywhere, but occasionally I get to play with new skills that increase the enjoyment.

I think there is a way to scale this for smaller alliances. 2,500,000 / 30 = 83334 (rounded up) per member. So le’ts say and alliance has 17 members that would be 1,416,678 to go to Epic. Do the same math for to get to 10 mil legendary.

This would allow smaller alliances to compete better, especially considering how high a score you need just to get to the 2nd lowest reward level.

Whether this is possible with the coding, I have no idea. There should be a 10 or 15 member minimum for this to take effect to balance it out. I’m in my own Alliance with just myself and my unused Alt account and I think it would be somewhat unfair for me, myself and I to get up so high while other Alliances with bigger rosters might get lower down. This is the point of contention I’m sure many would have if this type of scaling would be introduced.

However, if they don’t have the necessary roster to get up there or complete, well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles just like it does in individual Challenge Events.

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