[Master] Clash of Knights for smaller alliances unfair?

Edited the title as think the topic is kinda needed and separate from the main thread.

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I’m in a small alliance and we are not gonna get the 10 mil points. Is not fair , small alliance have no chance


It’s not just small Alliances.

The rewards are so small for the amount of resources it makes no sense for most players.

The alliance rewards in most events are limited to so few alliances and so paltry does anything but Titans make sense for any alliance?

If you are trying to develop your team it takes a lot of time, add on alliance development and there are not enough hours or resources for most players.

It risks splitting the game into two distinct sets of players as individuals and players as teams.

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But thats how it is… SG has completely abandoned the F2P and those that just pay a little bit of money.
Everything now is geared towards the big spenders.


Yup but there comes a point when big spenders get bored or their real life pulls them away.

New players don’t come on to become big spenders.

New players aren’t around to be sacrificed to develop players into top players and big spenders.

Would the game do as well without the community guides etc and who will keep maintaining those when there are 10000 heros.


You are not missing much at all. These are what’s in the first 2 chests I’ve opened.


so basically they are killing the game, the question is how long is going to take


loot sucks, why try?

Big alliances do not = big spenders. You can have a full alliance of FTP or you can have Mr and Mrs Whale in a cosy alliance for two. The former would do better in this event even if the latter ace all the others (and can afford to pull all the event heroes).

As for the loot, shall we wait and see whether the end of event brings anything more interesting? Not expecting that it will, mind you… but until we’ve seen the end and the end is indeed rubbish, I for one am saving up the complaints. Meanwhile, I’m attempting to enjoy the actual game play, which some may say is the point of playing a game. Radical, I know.


Here is an idea from my pocket alliance of 18 alts - just create some alt accounts, players from small alliances! If you are, say, 5 active players in the alliance and each make yourself an alt account with a rainbow 3* and 4* teams, that will be definitely enough to unlock Legendary. Not to mention it will help you with Titans as well…

Not really sure if that helps you though, it just means 1 more random 3* mat (can be a farmable, even worse) and 5 coins (to round it up to 10 for 1 free summon). Because your alts will probably not be able to complete Legendary, which in turn means that Alliance competition is a no-no. Still, it opens up the Player competition, which is probably a good enough reward by itself.

If you’re only reason for doing any content is the loot then why bother with any of it?

However if you’re enjoying the content and playing the game loot is secondary. The only thing I do specifically for the loot is AR farming.

I don’t enjoy S3 so after completing normal I don’t bother with it. S4 I enjoy so play that more as the underwild tiles I enjoy more from a gameplay perspective than the unmoving runes.

I don’t enjoy grinding to fill monster chests so I don’t (I can sometimes go 3 days without opening a chest), but I do enjoy raids so each time I have a raid flask it gets used as soon as get it.

There is so much content now its pretty easy to find something enjoyable and ignore the rest of it


Why dont you create an alt account and ascend it to lvl4. This account joins your alliance, make it the leader and change the alliance to invitation only. Look for bigger alliances and join them for the event. They should be delighted because they have a better chance for higher loot tiers too.
After the event you use your alt account as an Gatekeeper to your old alliance, he can invite the old members back in. Maybe you find an Alliance you can team with regularly for everyone of this events, it would be good for Mythic Titans too. Its a chance to meet new people, and that is the best content of this game. We have people from California to the Netherlands, from GB to Uzbekhistan, from Malaysia to Oman in our alliance. Its very interessting and real fun to communicate with all this people. Dont take this Quest as something unfair to you, take the chance to start something new. Befriend new people…

Happy gaming


An important and fundamental part of the game are alliances. In my humble opinion, this new part promotes the formation of alliances and their cohesion. With us, communication and coordination have improved.
By the way, as a rather new player, you basically can’t expect all parts of the game to be easy to finish. Or that you can finish them at all.

Just wanted to point out that with the Clash of Knights Alliance Quest, requiring 2,500,000 points to unlock the next difficulty really screwed over us smaller alliances.

Just have to add that mission completion and good stories are a critical part of keeping the game enjoyable. That’s what I kept playing the game for in the beginning and for completionists like me it remains a priority to be able to beat all the levels at some point. Alliances disbanding or merging and people leaving long-formed alliances to find one that can unlock the high teir is simply discord and chaos. This is also increasing the waves and echoes of “stop spending” that are out there so if profit-based motives are in control it might be a fail long term in that regard as well. Also as more of us realize that spending too much to accelerate development causes a rapid diminishment of how exiting it is to get anything in the game…we end up wishing we would have stopped spending sooner if we didn’t keep it minimal. Back out of the rabbit hole on that…starting to feel like the king of this empire was dethroned and after a theif pilfers the kingdom the servers will expire and it’s on to the next doomed game. Hoping that’s not the case but seen the pattern play out enough times to know when that’s a direction devs are taking whether intentional or not.


(Should this be a new topic?)


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