🏰 [MASTER] Clash of Knights Alliance Quest – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

I have finished legendary tier! This is what i got from the chest.

I toss the coins hoping for Bertulf and ended pulling her.

Most of you would feel dissapointed about her but at my lvl shes very welcomed.

Still not Bertulf, though


It’s frustrating to get a S1 hero from an event pull but if you are going to get one near the start of your journey then Marjana is a good one. She still hits hard and one day you might get lucky and get her costume which is A+

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i did a bunch of summons in the Tower of Magic, and i got my first Thorne and Obakan that way.

i’m still missing a few S1s, so i’d be happy to pull them just because they’d be new to my roster. :grin: congratulations on Marjana! she and i have been together a long time.

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It behaves the same as the mythic titan.

If you leave your alliance during the event, your score so far stays contributing to the alliance total, but your future score will not contribute, even should you return

If you were not in the alliance when the event started, none of your score contributed to the alliance total.

Your individual score and ranking remains regardless tho.


Just finished Legendary.

My reward for 10 tokens - S1 3* Renfeld.

Bite me.
Have not spent a penny on last 3 events. Remove S1 garbage from event summons if you ever expect another dime from me.


What about the heroes from the Crows family? Where are they? We now have only legendary heroes from the wolves’s family, but there are supposed to be some of the crows family…when can we expect them to appear?

Can anyone offer any tips on how to improve my scores in rare & epic? Which heroes worked well? What’s better rainbow teams, monocolor or other odd mixes? My alliance is kind of small, and although we’re getting close to unlocking legendary, it’s basically a handful of us carrying the team. Any thoughts to help us out would be greatly appreciated :blush: thanks

Mono is the best way to play events

My rare and Epic teams are below. The key components are a defence down with share (C.Gunnar & Wilbur) an elemental down (Nordri & Falcon) and then an attack up with the hardest Hit 3 hero’s you have. On Epic I mix Boldtusk and Scarlett depending on the level.

Items are key and for the very biggest score you want the biggest opening combo you can get and then blast through mob wave 2 with items and then special and item the bosses. Your super ideal score comes from a single move with a 4+ combo at the start but that does require a very good board. I get a lot of good scores from 2 to 3 total moves.

If done right it will be be all over very quick, slow play doesn’t get big scores. I did Legendary 10 in 47 seconds for the 122k score. 1 single move at the start.

Getting the big scores needs practice, team and replays. So it’s tough on resources and even I’m struggling now. This comes fairly quickly after the last event and we have another looming very soon so most of us are quite heavily wounded on the item front.


Here’s my current score baseline ~




Have a good chunk of levels to replay, but even still, don’t think Top 1k is feasible for me without 4* mats, emblems or LB (unfortunately). It’s a pretty big bummer tbh, but I don’t wanna use my rare resources quite yet to finish my heroes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: & I don’t exactly have the items to blow to even attempt to compensate… sooooo

+ With these stages lacking chests, while the tiered rewards feeling a bit “meh”, the incentive to replay is definitely lacking anyway

So I’ll replay what I can, but my guess is imma land safely in Top 10k… least my alliance will for sure make Top 1k I spose. Then, next time this event rolls around, I’ll exert much less energy toward this all for the exact same result :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Question as I’ve only skimmed a bit and because there’s so many heroes these days I don’t inherently recall every single thing they do… are there are 4 or 5 star heroes that block the explosion trap effects? Like 3 star Gato does?

Thanks for sharing your scores, teams and method. It helped me quite a bit getting up my scores in rare. Since I don’t have Wilbur and Falcon, I’m thinking good ol Gormek can do the job for epic… Yay or nay?

What team did you use for legendary, if you’d be willing to share?

Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Gormek will certainly help. I think @Liam_K started to use Gormek to good effect. You definitely need defence down.

You can always switch to blue and use C.Gunnar if you have him. When it’s reflect red I use C.Gunnar through all of Legendary as well. And Nordri for that matter.

In regards to what I used in Legendary it’s very similar to Epic. Just with the introduction of Khagan.


For Legendary I’d go the below with my blue all the way through. In the play quick method the health of the 3* doesn’t matter but you are board fishing. But in this I’m trying to boost Lepus special as much as possible to sit in the same role as Khagan does.


Epic whilst I’m thinking of alternative teams would look like the below.

C.Gunnar and Nordri are event changing 3* tbh. And for Epic I’d probably keep C.Ulmer for the attack buff and hit all. It all adds in.


Yes, you can use Gormek for the def down. I use him both in Epic and Legendary.

The issues with him instead of Wilbur are

  • Lower def down. Only -34% instead of 44%
  • No damage share, so you need to target the tank in the boss wave
  • He damages the tank more than the wings. It’s not a problem if you follow him with a hit all like cColen. But using a hit-3 like Khagan, you will sometimes kill the tank first and leave a 1-3 split. You will need to then switch to cColen or use 2 full mana potions instead of 1 on Khagan.

OMG :scream:!!! I AM SO LUCKY!!! TWO 5* FROM ONLY 3 COIN PULLS :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: (irony intended)


Awesome help, thanks @Cheds and @Liam_K… Luckily I have cGunnar and even two Nordris but I never thought of using them in the latter tiers. Gonna craft some more items and give it anither shot tomorrow. Thanks!

You can’t play long with 3* as they don’t have the health to live through.

They are there for the specials they have and are truly support heroes for the set up.

Playing events requires a different approach. It’s expensive on items and world energy but a lot is about the method. Since November last year I’ve finished Rare Top 1000, Epic Top 500 and Legendary Top 1000 each time. Item use has gotten less as I’ve got better at seeing the right board. It doesn’t always work exactly but you do start to see the duds and bail on them. Wasting items on a poor score hurts each time you do it. But to begin with you have to do this to start to learn what’s good and what isn’t. Sometimes I’ll think a board was perfect and score less than I had and I need to think why it wasn’t. Usually it’s just because the opening combo wasn’t good enough.


Legendary last stage with a 4* S1 team (yes, costumes, I know):

Not really hard or anything, my gf managed to beat it with a rainbow 4* team, non-limit broken, without any items except antidotes.


Not really pushing hard for top 1k this event since it’s random rewards. Currently around 2k so should be a safely top 10k.

Been experimenting with some different teams with minimal items, besides antidotes :joy:. Saving the items and flasks for Slayers in 2 weeks time

I’ve had success in Rare using a green mono team with Dolgoon doing a good impression of cGunnar

Used this team in the stages with Blue mobs, and even Stages 2 and 3 with the Green mobs


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