🏰 [MASTER] Clash of Knights Alliance Quest – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

If it causes tension in an alliance then perhaps people are in the wrong alliance. There are chilled, active and very competitive alliances to suit all


There is no problem in my allaince, but there can be alliances where it can cause problems.


Thanks @PlayForFun. I didn’t realize that Cap wasn’t available. I hope he’s ok :smile:

Cap is traveling somewhere :slight_smile:
So he is ok. I have discussed him, that I can do these minor adjustments on the bosses while he is resting :slight_smile:

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Yes, no problem for me too as I play solo lol

I think I’ll be farming quite a lot of rare over the next few days though haha

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Cap is a she , lol
I posted the changes earlier in the op as I can’t create the new chart immediately

Alliance Quest Event: clash of knights


I finished event and coin pull gave me this guy:

My greens sucks and I really like the fact that he is 4* Finley with attack down.


Also finished the legendary levels and did my summon. Landed a green 5* hero! Sadly it was lianna. As I have her already maxed it’s bittersweet.


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I’m a little bit surprised that there doesn’t seem to be more buzz about the 3* Purple healer, Aderyn - so far the only 3* Purple healer in the game, if I’m right.

I feel like there was more buzz when Candy was announced, first and only 3* Yellow healer.

Or maybe it’s because we’ve seen so many new heroes released recently, that she just slipped through the cracks. I know I’ve stopped tracking the newly released heroes, every time I look at my Excel sheet I just go… meh, I’m too lazy to update it lol


I though about the same, finally we have a 3* purple healer

Probably because many just focus on 5* only.


More P2W trash from a greedy company


I’m pretty sure SG metrics tell them people in bigger alliances spend more. Not just peer pressure, but the more people in your orbit the more it feels like everyone but you gets the shiny new hero. I’ve left a couple of alliances I liked just because it was too depressing to watch other people get fun new toys

But I think SG has blinders on- how many people will succumb to the pressure and move to a bigger alliance vs how many will just get more discouraged and quit? I think I’m in the latter group :woman_shrugging:


It shows after completion of all 3stages thought

You know, I didn’t even yet finish maxing all 3 star heroes I got from the first iteration of slayers, not to mention tower magic ones… Let alone epics… let alone legendaries… And I constantly keep working on someone for each color. Those that I did finish, didn’t even use them - no matching tournament etc. I guess at this point not many care about who new heroes are and what they do. Recently I was doing a cleanup in my roster and I was looking at some heroes and I couldn’t recall when I even used them last time. I mean, I am someone who used to keep track of everything that was happening in the game, just for the sake of advising people, if not for anything else. And even I am past my breaking point nowadays.


I think that is the reason… There have been also less 3* tournaments lately (but I was told that they are not distributed equally throughout the year) and considering how many new heroes we get each month, people don’t have the time to max them, test them and talk about it. And then there are also the limit breaks who keep people busy, often also with the 5* and 4* that they can use in wars and raids.

For example, although I am playing for 10 months, I don’t have yet a full team of 3* heroes. for each element. Only for Nature I have 4 heroes, and for the others I have 3 per element. Partially it was a conscious decision in order to develop and be able to keep up in a stronger alliance (top 500).

On the other, considering the limit breaks, the wars are becoming increasingly more difficult so I feel the pressure to work on heroes that I can use in wars and unfortunately 3* are not very useful there. Although I still use regularly limit broken and fully emblemed Frosty and Grevle since I don’t have enough healers (I use two per battle).


So rare, epic and legendary score is summed up into one score?

Yes :slight_smile: 30 scores in only one score of chars :slight_smile:

Lol. Such a bs again :rofl:

It was like that from the beginning or? When the quest started i think i saw rewards for each separately.

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