🏰 [MASTER] Clash of Knights Alliance Quest – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

I got trap tools from finishing normal mode

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I can’t see my ranking not my alliance ranking - just a dash ‘-’ My alliance teammates have the same problem.

Staff is working on it see above:

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Or maybe just join an alliance with 29 other players maybe ?


Mono play is totally unnecessary. Play full rainbow and you’ll still kill the early rare with one tile hit. I’m knocking those out in 25 seconds on rainbow.

Stage 6 line up is wrong here is a screenshot for future reference

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As @cap is not available right now I have performed this fix.
It is in the OP now.

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It is working for me now :slight_smile:

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I was positively impressed of the artwork of this event, and the 3* look so great, so I couldn’t help myself and bought three of today’s small offers. The 4* and 5* also are great, but most 5* seem more (Ludwig!!!) or less of OP + low summoning odds, while the 4* even though are great, they would have to wait quite a bit to get levelled as I have other priorities now.

So, I did one coin pull in the morning (Eastern Europe time) and got Carver and stopped. Then this afternoon I got Dawa and Cyprian from the coins, but decided to YOLO it and did the 10 pull.

And Renfeld came. Then Hawkmoon, then another Renfeld and Carver. By this time I was hoping for at least an event 3*. And Bertulf (the cool cook guy) came and I relaxed, because I really wanted him for titans.

And after another Renfeld, there she came :astonished: :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::

Just in time, because I was not convinced that either Alexandrine or Costume Magni are the next Ice 5* I need at the moment.

And the 9th pull was Aderyn.

I consider myself satisfied :laughing: :partying_face:

PS The only downside is that in the last 6 weeks I got Xno, Lepiota and Vanda so I am not sure how I will distribute my 1650 sorcerer emblems


If it causes tension in an alliance then perhaps people are in the wrong alliance. There are chilled, active and very competitive alliances to suit all


There is no problem in my allaince, but there can be alliances where it can cause problems.


Thanks @PlayForFun. I didn’t realize that Cap wasn’t available. I hope he’s ok :smile:

Cap is traveling somewhere :slight_smile:
So he is ok. I have discussed him, that I can do these minor adjustments on the bosses while he is resting :slight_smile:

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Yes, no problem for me too as I play solo lol

I think I’ll be farming quite a lot of rare over the next few days though haha

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Cap is a she , lol
I posted the changes earlier in the op as I can’t create the new chart immediately

Alliance Quest Event: clash of knights


I finished event and coin pull gave me this guy:

My greens sucks and I really like the fact that he is 4* Finley with attack down.


Also finished the legendary levels and did my summon. Landed a green 5* hero! Sadly it was lianna. As I have her already maxed it’s bittersweet.


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I’m a little bit surprised that there doesn’t seem to be more buzz about the 3* Purple healer, Aderyn - so far the only 3* Purple healer in the game, if I’m right.

I feel like there was more buzz when Candy was announced, first and only 3* Yellow healer.

Or maybe it’s because we’ve seen so many new heroes released recently, that she just slipped through the cracks. I know I’ve stopped tracking the newly released heroes, every time I look at my Excel sheet I just go… meh, I’m too lazy to update it lol


I though about the same, finally we have a 3* purple healer

Probably because many just focus on 5* only.


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