📘 [MASTER] Challenge Festival (I) Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

Thx, I have updated the OP with this.

Why is the completion rewards giving you 75 druid emblems altogether?


Only one I wanted from the portal…. thankfully, came early, 1st 10x.

Done :smile:


As you receive other kind of emblems (Fighter and Ranger) for Legendary tier.

Ps: I do not know why we get different emblems there.
It was the same in Beta. I have reported it. Staff told they will look at it, but it looks like there is no change.

I just find it strange that rare and epic tier gives druid emblems. I have never seen it like this before

Agreed - but ‘working as intended’ -


Congrats on finally pulling Bauchan​:tada::confetti_ball:

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10 pull. RNGesus was kind


The game gives you bauchan now because they know treevil is the new bauchan


I love this year December. I think it’s the best month since I start to play.

Falcon was the only missing 4* from old events! As my Marjana is still without costume I surely max him for green titans.
Lady of the Lake is just pure :heart: I’m very happy. Probably will save coins for next month.


Hello Everyone,

I’d like to ask - what teams do you use for this challenge? Do you still use mono teams or 3+2 or changed to (almost) rainbow teams because of this -10% debuff?

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Got two lady of the lakes, never had her before so this is a plus for me :smiley: also got snow white, also new 5* for me. would’ve preferred jabbers, but i’ll still take this!

Found the event itself to be actually way easier than expected? Was able to autoplay most of it using these ;


So I got a gift from work in Lieu of cancelled Xmas party and was planning to get some deals from this. Then I saw the 3kgems plus lots of aethers deal pop up. Does anyone have details for what the usual daily offers are on this? As I don’t spend often I want to ensure get most value for pulls here.

I will update my guides after my workday and play through to see any HP variant totals.

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30 coins and 300 gems, finally some luck!! :star_struck:

HOTM (last one was Glenda!), Snow White with her costume, and three new 3* to work on

need to farm other 3 coins for the fifth and last summon, maybe tomorrow


Pulled 40 on my alt and ended up with a Guardian Owl, the one hero I probably didn’t need (since I pulled C. Justice). I believe he’s inferior but who knows! :joy:

Third pull (challenge coins).


I’m glad I was incorrect. :smile:


Woohoo finally got your long desired Bauchan :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: congrats @SamMe are you gonna keep HA3 running to get some more or switch to HA8?

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Are there the special monsters which give the challenge coins in this event? Thanks

yes. There are monster chests