🎭 [MASTER] Carnival of Gods Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

For me Wu Kong came to the rescue. Healer, counterattack, Li Xiu, Briennie, Wu kong for earlier levels and replaced Briennie with Sun shangxiang for later levels.

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Wuff wuff, business as usual :dog:

If you intend to farm rare stage 1-2, you may find some.

I found about 5 so far. Wasn’t expecting any.

Legendary looks done early this time


Used Green for all stages except 2,3,7 used Red


I used to do that in the previous challenges
But this one i think my game is messed up
I used 5 flasks and 0 chests so i had to stop
I gave up

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It’s very strange this round for me. Found 3 more chests. Thank you for gifting your chests to me.

I will make good use of my 1 free pull.


Rare scores

Team used
Brienne - Dolgoon - Zarel - Zarola - Zarola

4,232 points higher than my July score when the event first ran. Finished 473rd back then.


I wonder how much different scores will be now that chests are on though. So far it doesn’t affect rankings much beyond some top spots, something that @Cheds regularly pointed out.

Anyway, my scores so far.

Overdid that rare a bit it seems :sweat_smile: :thinking: . Got it first day because I did a challenge how much points I can get without doing last stage. Got to 2.1k ranking then did last stage and had chest + good board immediately. Legendary will be hopefully enough but ranks don’t seem to fall that much.


With the minions being in play I’ve actually found the chests to be a real PITA on the scoring front.

I’m only really pushing Epic this time and even then that was more by accident then by design.

I don’t think any of those scores had chests


For players who are competing for top 10k/5k rare and epic. Green mono for both.


anyone can help w epic stage 9 & 10? i’m stuck at 9 currently but cleared rare & legendary alridi. what heros are recommened?

What heroes can you use?

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Do you have any heroes that can kill minions? The mobs and bosses are immune to ailments while they have minions. If you don’t have Gobbler or cGormek, you can kill the minions with axes and bombs first before you use your def down and EDD heroes.

i got
boldtusk emblem 20 (red)
kiril x 2 costume (blue)
rigard x 2 costume (purple)
cyprian x 2 costume (purple)
caedmon costume (green)
kellie x 2 costume (red)
li xiu x 2 costume (yellow)
heifeng guai (purple)
kitty (purple)
voluptas (yellow)
villiers (green)
arges (purple)
gullinbursti x 2 costume (yellow)
steropes (yellow)
garyas (blue)
brontes (green)
cupcake (purple)
ana belle (purple)
scoratek (yellow)
wang yuanji (yellow)
azmia (blue)
xiahou dun (blue)
ptolemy (green)
junaid (red)
sumle costume (red)
zhou yu (red)
bellerive (yellow)
mielkki (Green)
lemminkainen (red)
zhabog (red)
fura costume (purple)
frank costume (blue)
franz (green)
guardian jackal costume (yellow)
wu kong costume (yellow)
kashrek costume (green)
wren (green)
ferant (red)
merlin costume (purple)
boril costume (blue)
sergei (purple)
anastasia (ywllow)
grimm costume (blue
sonya costume (blue)
anton (green)
griffin (yellow)
zika lei (blue)
kalo (green)
orla (green)
tettukh (green)
aodhan (red)
cillian (red)
mack (red)
rokkamush (red)
d’andre (yellow)
marcl (green)
elchbelborg (red)
ingolf (purple)
sanngrior (blue)
scarlett costume (red)
tiburtus costume (puple)
danzaburo costume (yellow)
melendor costume (green)
wilbur costume (red)
sapphire (blue)
shale (red)
jack o hare costume (green)
jott (blue)
almur (green)
stonecleave (purple)
lady woolerton (yellow)
mist (yellow)
shadowcleave (red)
mireweave (blue)
brynhild (green)
proteus (purple)
sumitomo (red)
cheshire cat (purple)
buddy (green)
gormek (red)
wilbur normal (red)
gretel (yellow)
hansel (Green)
guardian falcon (Red)
peters (green)
sir lancelot (red)

god, my fingers are getting cramped…

i tried combo like boldtusk, scoratek, maheegan, voluptas, li xiu dun work some other combo i forgot…

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oh wow gratz ! ta’s nice

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Thanks, so happy. I needed another red more than any other colour. I thought I’d go for it with two reds featured.

Really chuffed :grinning:

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I would try Rigard 2nd costume, Franz, Cupcake, Proteus and Li Xiu 2nd costume.

You should alternate silence and blinds, leave 1 mob alive while you charge Rigard again and again before going into the next stage, then use Li Xiu and bombs to remove the minions, use Franz and Proteus before hitting them with combos. Cupcake can help when they would charge anyway but it can be replaced by someone who lowers defense.

Use items like mana potions if needed.

Managed a couple more free pulls and got rubbish: Gormek + Valen.
I fed Gormek away a long time ago because I don’t have his costume (does he have 1 or 2?), but now I have enough space I will keep him and eventually level him if I get his costume/s

Had decent luck from my free aether pulls so decided to buy one last 5 buck deal to test that luck…worked this time. Very happy! I was incredibly lucky this Carnival, with both Jana and now her on around 40 pulls