[MASTER] Beta Tester Applicant Personal Requests for Updates [Staff response in Post 15] -- As of Feb 2022, Beta Applications OPEN

Is it open now application for beta tester?

The device will be connected to your old account but you wouldn’t be able to download the App from the store unless it’ll be gone from your other device.

Strange enough, when I had to change my new smartphone and bought a new one I could import all existing app from the older one through a cable due to it’s settings, along with phone numbers, data etc. etc.

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Yes, it is open.

You can apply here:

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How long can I expect it to take to know if I get in and how would I know if I just didnt make it?

Only Staff can know the answer for it.
I have been accepted about 3-4 months after my second application attempt.

The Beta registration is now open for a longer while (It is open now for about 17 months), and some testers are accepted 1-2 months ago.

I applied one year ago. Two months ago had the surprise. So just wait and fingers crossed


are they still accepting beta applicants?

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The form is still open:

The last new Beta tester who said Hi" in Beta Lounge was accepted on May 12nd.



there ya go if you’re still interested


Thank you rigs! Much appreciated =)

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Hi to all. I would like to be a tester.

Me too :slight_smile: I have just registered, now wait

Please submit your application here:

And then wait to be selected, which can take lot of time…

I submitted an application earlier this morning.

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