[MASTER] Beta Tester Applicant Personal Requests for Updates [Staff response in Post 15] -- As of Feb 2022, Beta Applications OPEN

Hi @Petri when will the beta tester results be given?


Not for a while:

In the meantime, please don’t create threads about this, it just makes more work for everyone. Thanks!


@zephyr1 have they finished with adding all of their new beta playersyet??? I know a player that said he seen the beta lounge is how he found out and had never got a email… Where would 1 look for beta lounge??
Maybe they did not like me telling them they SHOULD LISTEN to their beta people. And reply to them MORE

Pretty sure everyone has been added in now.

They can see the Beta Lounge on the Forum Home Page as a new category:

In terms of finding the email, have them search “Small Giant Games Beta” in their inbox.
Mine was a little burried too and took a while to find it. They will need to find the email… You need it to access Beta :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Guvnor its not there. LOL It will sure save me money and time for sure now. :wink: :wink:

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I have no idea, but I can ask.

In the past they’ve added people on a rolling basis over several weeks.

It’s a Forum Category, this link would work for anyone who’s been added: Beta Lounge

I have no idea if they’re even done reviewing applications.

I have noticed that several of the new additions are Forum Regulars, or people right on the cusp of qualifying for Regular — which isn’t surprising, as they’ve said before that’s one of the criteria they consider.

So it’s possible they’re still working through applications, as typically thousands of people apply.


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How and when will I know if I was accepted and do they send something saying if I wasnt?

If you were added, you will get an email from SG with your access code. Make sure you check the email address you provided them.

If you don’t see an email, then you were not added.


As an update — it appears people are still being added, so I think it’s like previous times:


Have the new beta testers been selected? Or are we still waiting to find out?

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Was wondering the same thing. Thanks to bring this up, it’s been a while already :slight_smile:

Additions for most recent applications are ongoing (edited to avoid confusion)

If you applied, check your email (same account as the one used to apply) for an email from Small Giant Support. It will contain something about congratulations and here is your beta code

You will also have been given access to a “private” section of the forum called Beta Lounge.

If you can’t see this part of the forum and don’t have an email with a beta code, I don’t think you were successful on this occasion.


We are actually still in the process of screening the applications and adding more testers from the latest application round.

The application form, however, is now closed and we are not accepting more applicants for this round.



I stand corrected and post suitably altered!

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:sob: :angry:

Thank you for your clarification petri


I would like to apply for testing if it’s still possible.
Same nick in the game.

edit ok nvmd i see it’s not possible anymore.