🔱 [Master] Atlantis Summons / Atlantis Rises Discussion Thread

4 dragons only used one refill . So 70 WE ( not sure why they stacked Umber on Atlantis but whatever ) and only got extra coins . Not complaining about anything just for data

The one player who pulls a Misandra and then gets a bonus pull of Frosth this month?

Oh boy, you are in for a treat! Blue mana at ludicrous speed.

1 pull so far, Grimm.

I am up to 95 coins again and on my last 40 energy. Fingers crossed

ok got it, Danza haha

Been mining 2-6H for large bones (rumours it’s the best place, I don’t know) but it’s been rich for coins this time round as well.

200 loot tickets, probably 15 ish flasks (honestly no clue) and enough coins for 3 pulls.

3*, 3* and then…boom! Poseidon :slightly_smiling_face: A season 2 5* I didn’t have so always good.


Still playing thru hard levels . Got one free pull and paid tokens because I was at ascension chest ( warm cape , dragon bone , timber ). Two pulls Ganzeburo and Gil Ra

Thanks for confirming. I’ve used around 150 WE without a dragon and was beginning to wonder.

Congrats! I’ve been trying to finish all Hard levels before the end of the event but not sure if I will pull. Would love an S2 5* but since Clarissa and Margaret are featured I’m pretty sure I would get those instead if I would pull an 5* :rofl: :sweat_smile: fyw, already got Clarissa

I was starting to wonder as well and came here to see if it was a repeat of that bug from a few months back. I have not seen a single one and have been farming like crazy to try to get coins for a pull. I have a feeling I won’t even manage to scrape enough for one pull this month.

My pulls lately are mostly underwhelming, having a lot of dupe S1 5* when I was hoping for something else: 3rd Leonidas, 3rd Marjana, 3rd Kadilen - to name just few.

But farming during Atlantis gave me Magni - again S1, but the 1st! In just a week I’ve got two blue hitters (Lepus was the first), something I was desperate for.

Now aunts Liana and Sartana could visit me too, to complete S1 collection. :hugs:

Been auto-farming S2-13-1 Normal and getting decent coins. The stage has 5 waves with some waves having 5 mobs so better chance of the seadragon popping up.

For 4 WE, not a bad source of backpacks either. RNG is streaky of course, but my last 4 runs

Edit : Got a 13 coin drop


I have been autofarming S2-1-9 (and occasionally using loot tickets on S2-15-9), 15 WEFs so far and 129 coins. I feel like the seadragon appearance rate seems to have dropped somewhat for this month and the past, compared to the three months before, based on my own stats.

I won’t be pulling this month, since I only do not have Margaret from the four featured.

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