🔱 [Master] Atlantis Summons / Atlantis Rises Discussion Thread

First I’m a big fan of that joke and secondly I have had multiple pulls from Atlantis and never one higher than a 3 star . Don’t feel so badly

After two whole years of playing this game, i finally deserved to pull a non-s1, non-hotm 5*. It was due time.
Needless to say, i pulled Mok-arr :expressionless:


I earned a second pull and got my 49th mnessus…boo

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Got nothing about 40 pulls all food. Haha :joy:.
Had to eat 5 muggys which did make me more sad :confused:

Just wondering where are the sea dragons🤔…5 flasks (51WE) for just 5 of them😤

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I did only use one flask and got about ten dragons . It is a huge event for newer players . Just the extra materials is worth it . I have never even gotten a hero above 3 star . A couple muggys, a TON of mnessus, a few chochins and today with minutes to spare a melia. I like it for the backpacks and swords to feed the beasts awaiting ascension . I fill up my TC and use extra iron/food to craft battle items for future events/trials/towers etc . It is the closest thing to a SGG giveaway as there is .

I spent almost 30 flasks and 200 loot tickets this Atlantis. I managed to find 200+ coins. Plus the 80+ left over from last month, that was enough for 3 pulls. And what you know, I got Renfeld, Gill-Ra, and Melia. I was totally shocked that I did not get all 5* heroes.

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Thread bumped & pineed again :slight_smile:


Which stage is the best for farming coins for you?

I don’t really farm coins. Just farm 2-1-7 on repeat for backpacks, recruits and whatever. Kinda getting over farming grind tho so my quantity drops off month on month.

Haven’t seen any coins but since the latest update it now says you can only get coins from completing S2 for the first time so guess I’ll be stuck with 64 coins forever as a f2p :roll_eyes: someone correct me if I’m wrong please…

Okay, you’re wrong. Got about 20 coins and 3 flasks used. So they’re out there :blush:

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Thanks! Guess I’m just very unlucky this AR then!

I will keep my coins again. Already have 2 Misandras and 2 Clarissas, i already have Drake, Roostley and Norns waiting for darts so dont need Poseidon and i dont care about Margaret.

Similar. I have 2 Clarissas and 1 Poseidon, don’t feel the need for Misandra, and have a large pile of thirsty greens and a small pile of tonics so Margaret won’t get a look in for months if ever.

I’m holding on for October - by which time s4 may have generated enough goodies to be thoroughly distracting.

This might honestly be the worst featured group in quite a long time. I wouldn’t really use any of the 4 except Poseidon and I already have him.

I have gotten 3 coins from ~200 WE…by far worst besides that one glitch month…anyone else having issues (farming 1-9 Reg)

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Yes, I’ve used around 100 WE without a single sea dragon.

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