🔱 [Master] Atlantis Summons / Atlantis Rises Discussion Thread

In their defence, it’s not just this portal. They are just being very consistent with this predatory approach. :slight_smile:

I’m not interested in these. While individually these heros look good, they just tweaked them a little bit with already existing skills and selling them again as brand new heros. Done with it - I may not have all c.Ariel’s skills in one hero, but I have them in 2. And there are 5 slots. And it’s free of charge. :rofl:


1 pull so far and a dupe Gato for me, got to keep plugging along.

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A decent dupe. :exploding_head:

Keeping for Mythic Titan. Will be my third. :see_no_evil:


My 4 first coin pull get all 4 S1 3* green, Belith, Friar Tuck, Berden and Brienne :rofl:

I farm some more coin and pull this :smiley:


Well, I don’t know. They did similar thing in Tavern with not adding all the costumes that they created, but at least all the featured ones had the costume available.

Even in summer event, chances to get Roc were lower than Yunan or Rana.

There’s no explanation for that other than ‘we want you to pull 300 times to get that fresh costume, else eat those useless dupes’.

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These are NOT buffs
These are NOT skins

They are new 5* cards with higher stats
Faster speed
Different skills with greater versatility

There are none for 4*
There are none for 3*

Think gamers…
For whom do these new 5* beckon?

And make sure these 4 New Cards,
get added to the ratio discrepancy
between legendary, epic and rare heroes
So that you can have a clear picture of the direction the game has taken in the past 12 months.

Maybe that math will show you tomorrow’s landscape. But first you have to pause, and think… especially if you are lured by these so-called, “costumes”
Don’t ask SG to slow down, you have to pause, just for a moment and contemplate:

This makes sense. It’s good business!
With an absolute consequence
It had a good pace for a while…

Look at the amount legendary’s over the past year. Look at the speed and growth of TP over the past year…!!
And take a gander at what all your spending will be worth this time next year.

6,000 TP isn’t an if…
It’s a must!
To keep you spending…
But now costumes dictate relevance and balance for aging rosters in this profit model. With new events on the way…
Good luck with that E&Peeps


What joy do you get just constantly writing conspiracy screeds?

Do we know what heroes will be featured in the December version? The list in the op seems to be off by a month, stating the current heroes be featured in December… What am I missing?
I’m asking because I already got Balbar and wanna maximise my chances at getting December hotm, but may reconsider depending on which heroes will be available in December Atlantis…

Congrats with your 3rd Melia :joy: I’m saving my coins for when Kage is highlighted, hopefully in December so I can have a shot at that months HoTM as well.

Ontopic, were these odds always so low before for an Season 2 Legendary 0,3%??? Thought it was 1%?


The list was probably designed with Atlantis being monthly event in a mind. Now it’s 4-week event, and while on paper it doesn’t sound as much of a difference, it accumulates quickly. HotMs used to appear in Atlantis for first time a year after release; Bertila was not released even 11 months ago.

Anyhow next HotMs should be Jean-Francois and Uraeus. For Atlantis heroes it’s hard to say as apparently they shifted things.

Also, they have 4 costumes designed and 4 featured heroes. Apparently, making all costumed heroes featured would be too logical to SGG. Or even reduce number of featured heroes like they did for ToL (yes, I know, the answer is money).


Mmm, what part of that post should be considered as a conspiracy screed? Asking for a friend.

It’s ok.
It’s an off-topic attempt to derail the thread by making me the topic.

Ignore it.

Focus on:

And the amount of 5* in the game…

An interesting footnote,
to keep a close eye on:

This development of regular, old…
vanilla S1

Without Costumes…!

Just spread to a larger portion of game content! Now watch what happens to not only S1… but their costumes as well…!

To contemplate why S1 got Costumes
Or that S2 is next
Or that S3 is next
Or that retired events are next
Must be a conspiracy :joy:
One that you can watch happening
in real time

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Can someone remind me what offer comes after this one?

I cannot see the info on the OP and I also tried the search button in the forum and it was not easy to find the topic post.

Thank you in advance! :v:

10 usd, 30 loot tickets, 300 coins, 350 gems


Thaaannks Suicide :rabbit: !

20 thank yous. Going to save my coins for that one

Nope. It’s 0.3% only for non-featured S2 legendary. Featured ones have 1.3%, making it 0.95% in total fot S2 legendary (half of 1.3% going to HotM).

So…how are these new Altantis costumes?


Personally, even though these are great costumes, I’m still sitting on all my 900 of my Atlantis coins farmed from the last few months.

Nothing is worse than an unusable 5* filling up my roster space, and with only one costumed hero in the featured pool, chances are good that’s what I’d get if I were lucky enough to pull a 5*.

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I will also add this image with the offer of the last day in case @Guvnor or @PlayForFun want to update the OP with this info similar to other master topics.

1st Day:

Last Day:


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