đź”± [Master] Atlantis Summons / Atlantis Rises Discussion Thread

These are NOT buffs
These are NOT skins

They are new 5* cards with higher stats
Faster speed
Different skills with greater versatility

There are none for 4*
There are none for 3*

Think gamers…
For whom do these new 5* beckon?

And make sure these 4 New Cards,
get added to the ratio discrepancy
between legendary, epic and rare heroes
So that you can have a clear picture of the direction the game has taken in the past 12 months.

Maybe that math will show you tomorrow’s landscape. But first you have to pause, and think… especially if you are lured by these so-called, “costumes”
Don’t ask SG to slow down, you have to pause, just for a moment and contemplate:

This makes sense. It’s good business!
With an absolute consequence
It had a good pace for a while…

Look at the amount legendary’s over the past year. Look at the speed and growth of TP over the past year…!!
And take a gander at what all your spending will be worth this time next year.

6,000 TP isn’t an if…
It’s a must!
To keep you spending…
But now costumes dictate relevance and balance for aging rosters in this profit model. With new events on the way…
Good luck with that E&Peeps