[MASTER] Atlantis Lure RESULTS and disscuisson 🎁

For reference, my non-Lure auto-farming has yielded 47 coins on 16/40 seadragons so far.

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I have only had 22 coins from 8 seadragons with no lure.
I have used about 4 full energy total (61 full energy each time).
I had 7 seadragons yesterday from2 flasks and only 1 today from 2 flasks.

So my total coins from 60 seadragons has been 356

More than I usually get, not enough for me to spend £5 on it.

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I keep a spreadsheet of my tokens and flasks and things like that… So I’ll give it a look and report back. Honestly… Seems like a normal Atlantis to me.

Truly the 1 last event in the game that are universally loved, ruined by greed.


I mean yes and no for me. I didn’t mine Atlantis for summons specifically so not buying the lure isn’t going to really bother me.

If they get rid of the 50% bonus loot then that’s the end of it for sure.

I believe they have. I’ve noticed a drop off in backpacks and nuggets compared to the previous ARs from the same stages I’ve been doing for years now. Especially the nuggets.

Nugget and Dragon Bone counts seem lower than I’ve gotten in the past.

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How bad is the drop off ? I usually farm for recruits. Anything good that comes with that run is appreciated.

Now I need to replenish my backpack stock in earnest.

Very noticeable. Probably half. I say half because I usually stock up with nuggets during AR and I’ve only farmed up about 20-25 in a full day of farming yesterday while I can typically farm up 50+ in a day. My use of WE flasks hasn’t changed as that’s all I do while working during AR - tap that replay button.

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I’ve not seen a drop personally. I just farm 1-10H and my stuff seems on par.

RNG can be cruel if you are farming the rare stuff though.

I farmed hardcore for Midnight roots until recently. There was a 100 difference from 1 Atlantis to the next once. Same level, same amount of farming…wildly differing returns

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I gave up today after 18 dragons from 15 flasks without lure. I would have needed to average 5 coins on each of the other two for another pull anyway.

I didn’t notice any drop off in mats from normal farming. I still got lots of backpacks and had a surplus of 60 left over.

Limiting the amount of seadragons per se, especially to the point that I’m not able to make two pulls for all available for free, is just such a bad and dishonest behaviour.

I mean, really bad. AR is a foundation of this game from at least 4 years.

When you start manipulating with the core of the game (you started a long ago, for whatever reasons, cutting AR piece by piece), and not giving a proper alternative, what the core, experienced playerbase can think about the game?


Without the lure I had 140 coins from 40 dragons.

Bought the Lure. Got 347.
Conclusion : not worth to buy it if you just aim for the coins. It’s better to buy the 2nd day offer for 500 coins.

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Try of all lures. I don’t know why anyone buys them unless they just buy everything.

No lure… Used 24 flasks and got all available dragons. I got 159 pull coins from them… So there’s that.

8 flasks 25 dragons 103 coins I didn’t buy the lure, if you farm enough you will hit the cap with 160ish coins based on reports and you get around 360 with the lure.
So the deal basically gives you 60 tix and 200 coins if you are happy with that buy it :slight_smile:


Final non-Lure auto-farming count for 40/40 seadragons was 128 coins… which got me Gobbler :frowning:

Do you have Gobbler already leveled up? I am currently leveling up mine to beat covenant event lvl8 with all those enemy minions. He should be quite valuable in that regard. Also next month is nature contest of elements.