[MASTER] Atlantis Lure RESULTS and disscuisson 🎁

May be a thread to merge someplace but I figured it was worth posting my results from using the lure today

I autofarmed 1-10H twice using 63WE for 18 Tickets total.

I filled the meter of 30 Seadragons in 2 hits so the coins below is me maxed for today


Without the :money_mouth_face: it’s 2 coins per dragon x20 is 40 per day x2 its 80 coins per 2 days, not even 1 summon :man_facepalming:

Edit: got 5 coins just now so possible 1 summons :clinking_glasses:


Zynga said all players have equal chances…veteran players knows this is not true…Lure is different, depending on many factors…Image - farming 12/10Hard

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Using lure this is what I got for 30 Seadragons.


Atlantis lure got me 173 coins using 38 tickets on 1-9n. I don’t think I‘ll buy it again. I think it‘s not worth it at all.


I won’t buy it again either. because the maximum coins you get can only be for 3x - 4x (maximum) pulls. better buy the offer tomorrow. with the same fee, can get 5x pulls.


DO NOT buy the lure, it is a scam, they significantly lowered the coin drop. I am getting 3coin per dragon, very rare occasion 5 coin WITH the lure. 3x60 (for 2 days with lure) is 180coins, 5x60 (for 2 days with lure) is 300coins. That is a VERY bad deal. DO NOT BUY IT. 5coin per dragon is RARE. I am doing farm auto play so I watch and count how many dragon appear and check the coins it drop at the end of each round.

Suppose with lure is increased coin drop, that means 3coin per dragon is already increased with lure, how many coins are you going to get per dragon WITHOUT lure? 1coin per dragon? That is a really crap update, greedy Dev as always.


I’m getting 2, got once 5 too
Without the lure


WOW WTH? You get 5 WITHOUT Lure? Max I get is 5 WITH Lure. Either the increase coin from Lure is not working or it is just a scam the increase is still random and not guaranteed. This is unreal, wth?

This is worst than the lure for Valhalla or Underwild, wth


so atlantis rise do not give 50 extra things anymore? just seadragons?

I just got 1 dragon drop 12coin, OUT OF 26 dragon (total 30). So the increase coin is either bug or random activation as intended (scam).

Don’t buy the lure, if you really want coins, buy the package directly, never again, I just buy it once to test, I totally regret it.


No lure for me. Filled my 20 from playing 60 levels worth of 22-6H started on 41 coins ended on 34 after one pull so 93 coins from 20 dragons.


Finished all 30 dragon with lure. Ended with 3505 coins, started from 3356 coins, that is a grand total of 149 coins with lure. So for 2 days, that would barely be 300coins for 3 pull. WHAT A JOKE.


I was extremely tempted to buy this, so I am glad I came here and read the results from people, thanks. I won’t buy it


Yes, please spread the message to others. Atlantis lure is extremely bad deal, the dragon increase coin is VERY minimal, and they don’t drop anything else. Valhalla’s Gnomes and Underwild’s Bats at least drop other stuff on top of coins, emblems, iron/food/mats, Atlantis dragon DO NOT give those.


In fairness I won’t buy it next time. But I needed to know how good/bad it was.

I’ll get 3 summons total I suspect from very minimal Tix usage so with 60 tix and a flask it’s probably not a terrible deal if you looked at it on it’s own….but the value isn’t there for me to get it next time.

Since I mine Atlantis for resources the coins aren’t the be all and end all for me. This just reinforces to me that it’s not worth it in the future.

But everyone is different…


I’m just kinda confused in general and not sure what the lure practically does (speaking as a curious FTP)

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Yes got now 6 as well… But only one 5 and 6 out of 11 dragons

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I am monitoring as well. I haven’t hit the ceiling yet.

But I did get 1 seadragon that gave me 7 coins.

Most were 3 coins.

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It’s getting worse and worse with every New Deal, every prices adjustment, every “Balance” desicion and every New Hero they designe…

It’s a downwards spiral that lets me doubt If this game will still be around a year from now…

And thats a real shame. It was a great game and the best mobile Game i ever played until the devs exchanged their heart and Soul for Money and greed…

I Wonder If they sometimes Look at their own game and think to themselfs, why they have let i come that far…