[MASTER] Are you having trouble completing stages of Gargoyles?

I hope this helps as I have heard from a number of players struggling with Stage 10 of Epic.

For those having trouble finishing Stage 10 of Epic in Gargoyles, maybe this will help:


I have exactly 1 of the heroes you used! I got through with this team and some careful overheal/board prep on the first two stages.


Very smart on the over healing!

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Yeah, there will be no problem if you have Franz and Cillian.

I have only Cillian and struggle (because the boards are all bad like 5 times in row :sweat_smile:). So, I complete it with yellow team instead :sweat_smile:

From your video, Franz cancel the max stoneskin -50%damage. That is huge effect. Compare to one who don’t have Franz. Franz skill will like give +100%damage the damage in the event (-50%damage compare to -0%).

Anyway, thank you for sharing video.

I have a question. Is it possible to finish epic stage 10 in 1 move for this event :sweat_smile: ?

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If the first move makes a Fire diamond that self-ignites and kills all the enemies on stage 1 … sure.


Wilbur, Falcon, Cillian, Lancelot and Costume Colen and I went through easy. No need of Franz :wink:


My solution was to use two Proteus (kept this through Legendary as well). Wilbur for survivability, and two more purples for tile damage (one was cRigard). Basically fired three specials + one Proteus, then went to tiles. After three turns, fire the other Proteus and one skill, if charged. Rinse and repeat.


maybe a tutorial using only s1 will be helpful since it is the most accesible for every players including newbie


I got through the epic Gargoyle event lvl.10 with this team


I just can’t finish the last level in Gargoyles event :roll_eyes: My Alliance is sadly not much of help. I do play for fun but I can’t help it I’m ambitious here and would love to get through. What Heroes did you use, who is helpful, what Hero color do I need. Thanks in advance :heart:

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The last level in rare, epic or legendary?

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Oh I forgot to mention. The last level of Legendary.

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I think I beat that one with mostly the same heroes from epic

I haven’t gotten there yet but epic 10 gave me issue so i went to the leaderboards for direction. Perhaps that may help you find a team within your roster that will work for you.

Mana control heroes will help you. Do you have Onatel or Proteus/Hel?

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Iv edited your title @JekylandHyde, this could be a easy place to discuss troubles on any stages of the event . Also a bit easier to folk to find.
Any tips/strategys folk can share here…
Good luck to all the players.


Proteus is king here even on Legendary. I also can recommend Motega and his blind that cannot be removed on last stage unless you trigger stoneskin bar. Overhealers are also very helpful. I used 2 Gullinburstis on both epic and legendary.


If you can’t make the team from the leaderboard, I think the answer is mana control, overheal and minions.

So, heroes like
Gullinbusti and Proteus can really shine here if you have them.


For posterity and on the off chance it might help someone get through them, here are the teams i used for stage 10 of each difficulty; each took multiple tries, but these are the teams i used.


cast cUlmer the turn before entering the bosses, cGunnar, Nordri upon entering. save Frosty as needed. cKaril for extra damage when the meter is low. this went pretty quickly.


start with Proteus, when Proteus wears off, cast Mist, when Mist wears off, cast cRigard, Chao at Goseck, then Li Xiu, give mana potions to Proteus to trigger the meter, make a move, rinse and repeat. i don’t have Gulli, a gretel, or Wilbur, but this worked ok, still took a while.


very lucky to have these particular yellow 5*s. practically any other high attack yellow 5*s would work. very similar tactic as Epic, but use timestops as the last item to trigger the meter so that you freeze them with Proteus at no mana and can start to do damage almost right away.

hope that helps.


Yes Proteus and Wilbur also Gulinbursti