[Master] - Are talent odds fake? -- Excessive Dodge/ Revive/ Resist etc

If Boldtusk revived SIX times, that means there were SIX turns that went by. If your heroes then died because they were sharing damage from Wilbur’s special, this seems to indicate to me that you used Wilbur’s special after Boldtusk had already died and revived once.

You should’ve skipped Wilbur’s special - just because he’s charged and ready doesn’t mean you have to use it. You lost the match yourself by improper use of your own heroes’ abilities.

Good gaming!


It was me who was hit by Wilbur. Still, I managed to kill all heroes and Boldtusk was the only one left. Unfortunately, he kept reviving even he was killed by bleeding at least 2 times. My heroes were badly damaged when they shared damage.

But again, the battle was a win. There simply wasn’t any chance to win because of that.

I wish you kept losing the same way in every tournament, guys. Then you would understand why this should change :wink: I don’t mind Talent activation but multiple activations in a row…

Again, I didn’t have Wilbur. As I already wrote, no matter what I used, I couldn’t do anything with my loss…

Agree with that entirely :+1:

Even Kingston doesn’t revive as many times as BT in my experience. It’s really strange as far as BT is concerned :thinking: Personally, I would call it a bug :grimacing:

@Guvnor, thanks for merging :+1:

I agree with all the above. Seems odd.

I just fought a Joon-C that revived 9 times! Which breaks my previous record of a stubborn Kingston who revived 7 times… yesterday.

The odds of those two sequences back-to-back within the same 24 hours are under what… 0,001% ?

It is easier to emblem 4* so the number of BT with max talent exceed Kingston.

From TC20? I find that hard to credit. TC20 is a one way route to a parade of Sonyas and Borils.

Wait. That post is old already, so I don’t remember very well, but I think it was related to troops, not heroes :stuck_out_tongue:


My bad, sorry.

20 Apologies.

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Dude i’ve been playing close to 2 years and still miss Rigard. He avoids me like a plague :smiley: Game has an interesting mechanic which kind of avoids some hero’s to every player to keep the chase going on

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Rigards a tough one to miss out on. I use mine all the time but the costume avoids me.

So apparently this is a well known thing, but there’s zero interest in fixing it. I doubt the percentage is off, more than likely it’s just not “random” the way it’s supposed to be.

My +11 Kingston just revived 4 times at the end of a battle, after he revived he went off and recharged and fired again to take out 2 opponents before he finally died. He was my last hero on the field. Thought for a red hot second I might be able to snatch a win from the jaws of defeat…

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