[Master] - Are talent odds fake? -- Excessive Dodge/ Revive/ Resist etc

I thought that as well and could be in the past, but now many people has their legendary at least at +18, and still i noted the same thing.

I noticed BT reviving often too, but it could be only because he’s easier to emblem than 5*. But I am not fighting him much lately so can’t even track it. And I am using mine as the cook because I think “dodging” DoTs and bigger heal is more useful lately.

But I remember similar situations with enemy Poseidon (6 revives in a row) or mine Kingston (eating 4 specials and always reviving until my healer kicked in). Emblems sure can change the battle outcome sometime and sometime it’s totally crazy.

Similar way as described here: Marjana dodged SIX times!


Wow, dodging 6 times is definetely a first for me and seems utterly broken :sweat_smile:

I wish I had recorded it.

I just had a raid. The only hero the enemy had left was Marjana, on right wing. I had all my five heroes alive. But somehow I couldn’t get any normal attack on Marjana so I could only ghost tile for special skills. But boy, Marjana dodged special skill attacks from my heroes SIX times! I eventually got her but man, I did not enjoy the fight at all lol.


Welcome to the RNG world. Today I had a match where the entire enemy team charged & fired (with Telluria as tank who fired 3 times) and not a single hero of mine charged. The fastest hero that I had was very fast. I went full red and only one red match in the entire game.


You actually survived 3 special attacks from Telluria? Applause to you! I usually lose if Telluria fires just once. The mana slow is painfully annoying.

Wow, amazing. That’s extremely rare but not impossible. Assuming her talent is maxed, her ability to dodge is 0.2 (or 20%).

So the probability of dodging six times in a row is 0.2^6 = 0.000064 (or 0.0064%)

That is 64 out of 1 million player might experience this phenomenon. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes. It’s just that I am not one of those 64 players lol

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That often happens, though i dont remember six times in a match.
That and revive are so annoying talents. I remember a magni reviving at least 4 times in a match, a magni tank , not ideal but still was so annoying to face all those reviving

Don’t forget the annoying resist. Sometimes I feel that Drake just resists everything that you throw at him :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, compared to dodge (which has 20% chance), both revive and resist have 30% chance to kick in, so to have consecutive occurrences of them is an order of magnitude more than dodge. :slight_smile:

For example the odds of 6 consecutive talent activation for them are:

Dodge: 64 in a million
Resist/Revive: 729 in a million


Dont get me started with Kingston revive…must have been at least 6 times…
Got me so mad, embled mine ASAP :joy:


Imagine facing a team of rouges, say:
Domitia, Marjana, Margaret, Musashi, Alice

And they all go into beast mode and dodge ALL your special attacks. Surely would make you want to smash your phone.


Yea, imagine a team of fighers (Elena, Magni, Kingston, Joon costume, Panther). They keep coming back, laughing in your face while finishing you off.

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Here’s the odds of consecutive activations of Dodge and Revive/Resist. :slight_smile:

There’s actually a chance that 6 players out of a million who will see 10 consecutive revives. Poor guys. :rofl:


I would be so mad if I lost a “seemingly-already-won” fight due to enemy’s revive.

Me too. In fact, I have lost matches in the past due to untimely dodges and revives… Very annoying indeed.


She fired 3 times then Isarnia and then Queen of Hearts. None of them were maxed and that was my only luck - no emblems involved.

I think it would be very difficult at the moment to have enough emblems to max the talents on 5 rogues. I think at the moment, you can easily have 3 maxed emblem rogues or fighters on your team tho.

E.g for fighter ,since C.Joon takes monk emblems and C. Sartana takes wizard emblems, you can have at least 3 fighters with max talents.

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Good point.

I suppose a team of 3* rouges is possible?

Absolutly agree !

Do you know what other talent i hate to face? Mana shield… My Hansel cries in a corner :laughing:

PD: Thinking about talents imagine some heroes with a different talent. For example , JF instead of useless jynx having revive or dodge .

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