[Master] - Are talent / ability odds fake? -- Excessive Dodge/ Revive/ Resist/ "Flesh Wound" etc

Dunno if all my heros that cause blindness are broken or what, but blind hasn’t been kind to me.

Opposing team blinds you: Miss and miss and miss and miss and miss

You blind opposing team: And hit, and hit, and hit and hit and hit. HIT HIT HIT, HIT HIT HIT, the SG & Zynga SHOOOOWWWW!


Not sure what language you’re speaking, maybe I’m blind or deaf, but she’s good

In my personal experience, blind doesn’t benefit me. I still get hit despite the effect going off.

I think you want to join this thread: [Master] - Are talent / ability odds fake? -- Excessive Dodge/ Revive/ Resist/ "Flesh Wound" etc

FWIW, it always seems that the defense gets better odds than the offense. OTOH, I’ve had a few attacks where the defense percentages (revive, dodge, etc) completely fail.

Loki copied my Heimdall SS… He revived 3 heroes already dead (JF, LotL, Freya)… TWICE…

My Heimdall goes off twice and no hero is revived…

This in the same match…

MORAL: Loki is more effective as revival than Heimdall… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


In my opinion, this has nothing to do with chance, in a year they play with heroes who have 20 talents and they don’t happen to work like other players. When I see that someone comes to life 5x 6x in a row, I laugh, I have a record 3x and I went to open the champagne. On average, I have 1 talent for 3 games and an opponent has 3 talents per game, so these are long-term statistics. And now I’m following another interesting statistic, and so far I’m getting an interesting theory. If I play against a team that uses all new heroes, mine don’t use talent at all, the only talent that activates is from Lepiot. It seems to affect which heroes they play against which ones. Here the statistics are even worse than normal. Well, we’ll see if I play at least 500 matches.

From just my casual observation, the only hero I have whose talent triggers more often than not when used on offense is Alice’s Rogue Evade. She evades at least twice per match if targeted, sometimes more.

One match she was targeted 5 times and evaded every hit. All my other hero talents or special percentages are far more miss than hit.

Yet you still won’t acknowledge how talents per game is not an effective metric

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Talents influence the game a lot, I don’t know what exactly you mean by that sentence. I’m sorry. Mostly the loss is the fact that the opponent uses his talents but mine will not let go. In my opinion, talents play a key role in the struggle.

Yes talents play a role in the game but you’re not measuring them accurately

Extreme example: if you win 100% of battles without a hero ever dying you’ll never see revive for yourself. But obviously it can pop up for defense. So I’d expect defense to use more talents.

This similarly applies to stuff like rogues dodging. The most direct damage heroes one side has the more skewed the results.

So number of times talents are used is not the correct way to measure.

It would be what percent of the time a hero with revive dies do they actually get revived. What percent of specials with direct damage do rogues dodge.

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Oh, so if Joon doesn’t come to life in 20 games and no one with my heroes avoids anything, it’s actually normal aha, it’s a pity that my opponents come to life and avoid my wound. Alfrike doesn’t even know what talent he has, Kingston has revived up to 2 times and I don’t even know when, but the opponent comes to life almost every game he has. Queen of Heards when she makes a card, it’s always 90% broken, if her opponent has it, she never always bounces it for a few points and usually it lasts until she makes another. And I’m not talking about Cobalt, it’s completely off, I only see it by the opponent and the 100% is probably a different math I know, if I find the video, Melandor and Bolstuk stayed with the opponent and I charged it for 3x and never gave a bypass and that’s it he took turns until he charged one and then the other and never bypassed. They claimed that the bypass should be used if the opponent has a defense.

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