[Master] - Are talent / ability odds fake? -- Excessive Dodge/ Revive/ Resist/ "Flesh Wound" etc

I have thought the same Hahahahaha

Don’t forget Tyr,Fogg,thor and Misandra!! Specially if you have 1 hero left with half Vit and half mana. Am I wrong? :rofl:

YM rules! haha whatever.

You wrote it well, no rules and I already know why I don’t, then you can’t say that someone has an advantage over something but they will say that according to the rules it’s okay because I don’t have any :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I would like to see them as “top players” if their talents fake them less than once per match, we would then see that.

In the last few month I recognize that the number of dodge or resurrection loops within a raid or war is increasing. If you loose a fight because your opponent reanimated 3 times all 3 heroes you have slained before or a warrior is always coming back (15times is my sad record) you are wondering about probability. Today I was a victim of another endless loop - the 100% dodging chance. I start 3 fights against a team who had a power of 4200 (mine is 4616) and was not able to kill a single opponent, because as soon as masked Kadilen was using her special my SA were always missing. Does anybody know if the probability is check for each attack or is it set once and last as long as the SA is active?

Cheers Reeder

Probability is not set as I’ve seen some dodge and others not. I’ve seen the same hero dodge once but not dodge the next attack.

It is not set so that someone cannot say that they adjust it for a certain group of players. I write that what is the percentage chance of activation, but this is complete nonsense because it does not correspond at all. So they write by chance and thus cancel everything they wrote. They need to be asked why and why they are doing so :wink:

I don’t believe in any coincidence and the like. The statistical deviation is so high that I can’t believe it’s random. If my heroes aren’t able to use an average talent for four games on average, and my opponent’s heroes use more than one talent per game, then in the long run it’s such a big difference that I just don’t believe in chance. That’s my opinion. And since I tried to consult with the support of this game and I did not get an answer and I have to turn to the players (I also did not look for answers), I simply can not hold the opinion that it is a coincidence and truthful.

For me c-Kadilen’s dodge seems to come in streaks (heavily weighted towards favoring the defending player). Just did a raid where the opposing team dodged 7 out of 8 specials, it was pretty ridiculous. Still won, even though the above has less than 2% chance of happening.

I read that they want to see evidence here that this game is not accidental, so I will give statistics here that they consider a sufficient sample. First of all: somewhere I caught that the various heroes they buy have added some programs against the players “I do not say and I do not even know where I have already caught it” so I made my own statistics and I attach the results :: Elizabeth opponent, I’m three blue and to always exchange someone else. The result of 10 games only against players who had Elizabeth and 3x talent from 8 matches and 6 times uncharged even once a blue team. These are statistics so everyone can make their own picture. And I’ll add another long-term statistic of 200 “I don’t buy anything” matches 1 talent used for 3 matches, the opponent averages 2 talents per match. I’m not going to give statistics here when I was buying “even if the numbers looked completely different” but I would immediately think that I’m doing it because I don’t want to buy. I just point out that not all players play under the same conditions and what is called happiness here is not so much related to happiness.

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